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  1. SIlver and items purchase always smooth and fast transactions
  2. Great seller for both items and silver fast and reliable!
  3. PM Jackjones he has some with aosp casts at reasonable prices
  4. Great selection good prices! Thanks for the shiny!
  5. Hello fellow wurmians! I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone all the best for 2017! Looking back into 2016 Wurm was filled with many up and downs. With many games they contain rumors, gossip and the lack to separate fact from fiction. Many friendships were formed some were lost. Alliances have grown and split and have been rebuilt. Loyal and true wurm friends were not always that loyal or that but, as far as gaming goes we strive to grow better ourselves and continue to enjoy Wurm and what it has to offer. Let us not forget the more important things such as people that were lost in our lives or that of others lives, health issues, marriages, divorce, break ups, friendships forged and new babies being brought into the world. All of these things were experienced in our Wurm community. We celebrate the happy times and send our best wishes for the darker times. Let us all move forward together as the outstanding community we are into 2017 and beyond and grow and enjoy all the hard work and effort that is being put into a game that we all share in common. Thank you to the ever dedicated hardworking genuine staff who make the community a welcome place for all. On that note...wishing you and yours a Happy New Year and best wishes for all you do including Wurm.