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  1. kk thanks. this will be the first day i haven't played in like 5 months
  2. it is morning somewhere always
  3. ya i gave up on the manual DL. just gonna wait for the pros to fix it.
  4. To Jaytee

    ill let him know too.
  5. The Basilica of the Three is open to the people of Wurm, come hold your sermons, pray spam, meditate, 3 80ql gold alters lots of parking. @ Mookton 21.5x 31.5y
  6. Way too complicated for me. as far as I'm concerned I cant play wurm until someone makes it like it was. I don't know much about computers so this really suck for me. OH well. this was my last day off before a 6 month work term. sigh. talk about leaving a bad taste in my mouth
  7. Sermons

    aether you can come if you like . your not banned or anything. I just dis agree with how you sometimes treat players. if you stay cool you can come over any time. I don't like bad blood. but if your not comfortable i understand.
  8. Sermons

    as far as a schedule. I didn't want to do that as i'm starting to work for the next 6 months so i wont be around much. but i will be on Sundays. anyone can come a sermon in Mookton . it is wide open for all. GD is a good place too Imo. But where ever your guys decide to sermon let me know ill bring 2 toons there.
  9. It is almost here. So all who can come the better as for Vyn priests. Meals and sermons will be happening before and after .
  10. roofs are on. new areas are being built, There will be 20 more stalls added soon, much more lighting and cleaning happening. Thanks to Zali for hooking us up with the ability to do this!
  11. I love the group idea. however player ran IMO is the way to go. Just has to be known active players. Zali was very active and then ...Poof.. A group as we all know , could keep the place /expand / take ideas from community. ect.