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  1. As written above, it is a thing, very, very SHINY thing. It indeed IS a Shiny Totem, in all of its glory, soaked in mystery. It may even be one of the shiniest totems I have ever seen. And I've seen few. Upon this artifact I have stumbled across, yet I am not worthy of keeping it. Therefore it must be passed onto another. I am not sure, if it can be mailed. If not, the winner should expect it to be delivered swiftly anywhere on Xanadu, no questions asked. And let me assure you: The Totem is not stolen. Although it would certainly be worth it. QL 83,02 DMG 44,47 Weight 0,10 kg Starting price is 6s Increments are 50c high Buyout is considered at 14s Location: Southwestern Xanadu Will you be the new master of the Shiny totem?
  2. Sold then, splendid. Item will be send ASAP.
  3. Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen, todays offer is the extraordinary rare forge! Forge has just been started, so it weighs only 17kg. This wonderful piece of superior technology can be either mailed, or delivered almost anywhere at the coast of the Newspring Island, southwestern Xanadu. Starting price is merely 8s Increments are 1s high Additionally if the thrill of the auction isn't for you, you can purchase it directly for 12s! SOLD! Attention! We have also special offer for the winner! If you win, and your last bid is made before 3 hours until the end of an auction, you will get free paint directly from The Noyan Dyesâ„¢! You can choose either "Steppe Violet", "Noyan's Gold" or both in total amount just enough to paint the forge! Apart from that, first few bidders have a chance to get free samples!