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  1. Wurm is more like living in a suburban area with a very aggressive and annoying Homeowner-association. It is a hilarious and sad.
  2. Police yourselves, it is a sandbox game. Leave the GMs out of it. Fix game mechanics if required.
  3. Griefers don't care about rules or GMs or forum posts. They work within the game mechanics only. Changing the game mechanics to not allow griefing is the only possible solution. Anything else changes nothing.
  4. I think what people are getting at is 'life isn't fair'. That is true. Wurm doesn't have to be life.
  5. Real: Dragons Giant Insects Magical Spells Crops that keep growing in winter Goblins and Trolls Unicorns Ghost Guards Fake: Wheels attached to a plank of wood You say I'm the one who lacks knowledge of history or reality? This is a fantasy game with the styling of the Dark Ages Europe.
  6. There is no 'era' that has dragons and magic. Your argument is nonsense.
  7. Just reset the servers every few years. It is the only way. We all die in the end regardless.
  8. People saying -1 are jerks. I say -1 to the server you happen to play on!
  9. Do you lock your doors at night?
  10. Why do irl banks even have huge locks and vaults? Stealing is illegal therefore why even lock up the money? Item security need to be coded into the game, you can never trust someone do the moral thing all the time. That is just the way humans are.
  11. A hypothetical situation: You are walking around in a forest, just wandering around not following any specific trail. You find a small brown envelope and inside is 10000 Euros. Legally you need to put in 'reasonable effort' to find the owner of the money before you claim it for yourself. But how is it enforceable?
  12. these people must not know that minecraft is wurm 2