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  1. I still need the order above. Tried PMing you, cant seem to catch you in game.
  2. I am looking for Tin and Copper on Release. I am located at Port City, R8. Any help would be much appreciated. Andronicus
  3. I need to put a large order in for pizzas for two characters. Can you send test meals to Andronicus and Hana?
  4. Hey Stanlee, I blew up my last pickaxe, even after you gave me good advice. Can I get a 1ql 100 COC iron pickaxe to Andronicus? Thanks
  5. I need a few more pizzas, some are for Hana and some for Andronicus. Hana: Religion Prayer Farming Andronicus: Forestry Snip Building Fine Carpentry Masonry Animal Husbandry Digging Body Stamina Leatherworking Natural Substances Body Mind Logic Mind Fighting 4 Large Random Please mail all to Andronicus.
  6. I figured out a work around, so I do not need the additional order. Thanks Sid.
  7. Awesome customer service and extremely fast. Thank you I have a few more orders to come.
  8. I am completely new to this transmute thing and will need a little help. All transmutes will be on deed. I want one peat tile for forge fuel and need to remove 4 clay tiles. 4 Claybuster 1 Texas Peat Mail to Andronicus Thanks in advance, Order was filled. Best customer service I have experience in a game. Friendly and extremely helpful. Thank you Sid!
  9. Andronicus New customer. Please send taster. I am looking for Mining, Woodcutting, Body Strength and Blacksmithing.
  10. Can we get pottery guard towers? I have an all-pottery deed and it would be nice not to have a huge stone tower.
  11. Kiwiana

    Calling all people, this is a great village. Come and join!