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  1. I've doing a bit of thinking and came up with a couple of things that we could use in game that can be built with already available items. If any of these are already in the works, then yay! Saddlebags Possible items needed for creating - 2 backpacks, leather belt, leather strips Usefulness - Would be ideal for placing items such as cotton, lunchbox/picnic basket, or other items found along the way to keep the inventory clear. They would also keep the player weight light in the event that the player would have to carry something heavy. Trophy Kill Displays Possible items needed for creating - fur or pelt, display stand, cotton strings Usefulness - Show off those first kills of wolves, bears, etc., with this display! Killed a champ bear? Put it on display in your home or great hall. Tapestries and banners are already in game. These can add the more 'hunting' feel to any lodge. Display stand (mentioned above) Possible items needed - shafts, small or large nails, possibly ribbons Usefulness - Can be used in displaying trophy kills and modified to fit other things later on such as collectibles or other animal parts. Thanks for your consideration!
  2. I just might mine more if this worked
  3. I really hope the tent comes home. Very sad.
  4. Got ya on the cotton and squares. Will set up delivery soon.
  5. Like Kristof said, we were neighbors for a short time on Cele. Thoughts, prayers and love to all those who feel this loss.
  6. Keenan, that was probably me. I was afraid they'd get loose like you mentioned above. Thanks for keeping us in the loop!
  7. Ok! I did notice that they weren't running around like mad. Less packed tiles so far. Thanks for letting us know
  8. I do still see some animals in the fences and buildings after the fix. Let me attempt to coax them away and see what happens.
  9. Thanks, Budda!
  10. I also am having penned animals (horses, cows, sheep, etc) protruding through fences and walls of nearby buildings. Especially the enclosed stables that we house them in. I also noticed that some of the animals seem to be sitting within the tile border area and not within the tile itself. I have noticed a couple of packed tiles, but no increase in fps or anything of that sort. I am at Peaceful Harbor on Cele. E22ish on ingame map.
  11. Speaking of animals, is there a way to change this so they're not sticking their butts or heads through buildings? it looks really weird. lol. And on going into the pens, it looks like the horses are standing on the tile borders instead of the tiles themselves. Some look bisected by the fences which negates the overall look of the deed.
  12. Celebration creature tests As mentioned in Buddas devblog we've begun testing new creature movement code using Celebration as a live test run. We're looking for feedback on how animals behave and move around both in pens and the wild. Leave your feedback on this thread, but please do remember to keep it specific to feedback about the movement, off topic discussions and such might be removed. This is why my animals are poking out of their fenced areas and halfway into buildings. I was worried about passers-by taking a swing at my unicorns because they sit on a pathway. I don't mind them moving around a lot more. On the contrary, that's a good way to keep the dirt getting packed. The leaning out of buildings has me worried though. Oh, and ya'll just trying to make Kristof remodel for a 100th time, ain't ya?
  13. Pandylynn has connected on stable!! Ya'll are awesome! <3
  14. I'd totally get you a coffee for all the hard work if I could. I'll have to get Kris to do the unstable on my comp soon.. ... I guess. xD
  15. Closed stable client. Restarted computer. Attempted login on stable with Pandylynn - Still no connection. Thanks for working hard on this!
  16. Yup, just tried a few minutes ago. Seeing a few on, but when I try, I get the above message.
  17. Ya'll killing me with these new textures. I just get the deed done, and Kristof wants to remodel for the fifth time. The only thing holding him back? High fences. *sighs* Now what am I going to do?? Otherwise, keep up the great work!
  18. Thank you so much for the extra prem time and sleep bonus. It was unexpected. Thanks for the fixes as well!
  19. Congrats Jberg and Wolfey. I know Kristof will be excited about that map system.
  20. Noooo! Kristof is going to keep remodeling the deed. It will never end! *cries* Seriously, those bridges look awesome. Now if I can just keep Kris from seeing them....
  21. Congrats on the promotions! Can't wait to see the new ideas brought to the table. And thank you for developing a road system check. This will make it much easier to clean the area of NE Cele.
  22. Just a note to let you all know that Kris has had some health issues and will be updating the map sometime next week - if all works out. If you have a village or deed and would like to have it on the community map, please leave the name of the deed and approx coordinates if possible. Thanks for understanding! Pandy
  23. I'd like to try one plz!
  24. Gratz, Samoo! That's a big promotion. I have a feeling you'll do well. And more pavement types? Are you guys seriously going to make Kristof remodel our deed for the fourth time? You just don't like me and my cookies. I swear! PS Really kinda excited to see the fences and pavement types though.
  25. No worries Some places do it differently. It's just a relaxed thing here usually.