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  1. -1 I recently deeded a new place and there is a Fo colossal on site. I don't want it because it's hideous, but since I'm not the builder I cannot move or bash it. I'm stuck with it. So decay is necessary until we have the option to destroy them ourselves.
  2. Please add: New Targonor [1440,-2775] Disbands: Bradster Base
  3. I'm working on designing animal enclosures for my new place and I'd like to see what other people out there have come up with. I want to mainly breed horses, but also bison, cows/bulls, and sheep/rams, I don't like the standard 1x2 jails, yes they are meta game efficient, but that's not why I play wurm. My latest draw up includes medium sized pastures and segregating horses by function and age, the other animals will be put in 3x4 pens, 6 animals per pen. So here's how it works for the horses. The two stud pens are 2x2 and will have at most 1 male and 2 females. When the females get knocked up they get moved to the stable where they will have their own 1x2 or 2x2 pen. When the foal flops out like Ace Venture through a rhino, the adult female gets moved back to the stud pen and the foal gets moved to the foal pen. The workers are just extra horses paying their way by pulling carts etc. All the other animals will be held in 3x4 pens, 1 pen for each animal type. So that's the system I've come up with so far. I'd like to hear from others who have put some thought into their animal keeping. Pictures are always welcome .
  4. Give it a rest, Xan has been out for a long time now. It's not fixed, it won't be fixed. Either accept the mob counts as they are or do what many of us players have done and move to Independence.
  5. The population the entire epic cluster is extremely low, and chaos isn't much better. The whole pvp system needs a revamp. New continents, remove one kingdom; seriously does anyone play MR? and chaos and epic need to be merged. Flame on, but you know I'm right.
  6. Wurm 2016

    I don't think new features will bring in more players, I think advertising will bring in more players...
  7. What an odd post. Wurm is a game, play it when you want. The game is what you make of it.
  8. Wurm and EVE are the only games I really play anymore. And they are both amazing.
  9. Permissions

    The new system is terrible. Just because a handful of people were too lazy to secure their goods the rest of us must now suffer through another nanny rules mechanic.
  10. The deed Potkali Se U Kolina at X28, 18Y has disbanded. I have deeded New Targonor at X28, Y17
  11. Win7 x64 and a fresh install of java x64. This has been an issue for a long time and I'm not the only one.
  12. First impressions are everything. And nothing says we don't know how to manage our game than repeated game crashes on startup. #BugsLivesMatter
  13. Get animals off cliff faces, how is it even still a problem? Give animals a maximum climb slope and disable spawning on tiles or a group of tiles with a combined slop of X. FFS