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  1. Will this cause the Duplicate authentication error? fix it? or is it separate problem?
  2. I recently moved from MN to IL, i didnt have this issue when in MN but when i moved here I am having the issue, and other people are having the same issue. the server is based in the UK Edit: people in UK are having same issue as well
  3. Also tried reinstalling the game, deleted the entire "wurmunlimited" folder and reinstalled it via the steam client it worked for about 6 hours, then the lag and dc continued, altho i do want to point out the dcs and lag is FAR less
  4. For several days not i been having constant lag then dcs (most been the Duplicate authentication error) but sometimes i dont get that error, Most of the time i come back, and i cant move, and NOTHING is loaded around me, all i see is blank terrain, Sometimes i wait a few and it loads, others it doesnt and i have to try again. mostly i try again. Re-logging for /lotime doesnt seems to effect it. Keep in mind i cant move and as u can see my UI is loaded. Any idea whats going on? Here is a picture of my surroundings on one occasion:
  5. I keep getting dced, it keeps saying this: I dont have duplicate games running, that i know of. so not sure why this is happening.
  6. [old thread]

    Is the server down? I got online this morning, then all of a sudden it crashed and said "connection refused" now its not turning up on the server list? nvm server was screwed up
  7. [old thread]

    I am wondering what you mean by "Bounties for killing creatures." Does that mean you cant kill creatures for exp? Or does it mean that you get silver from killing them?
  8. i was able to plan a regular staircase. after i made the floor you suggested. but it still doesnt give the option for a spiral one.
  9. I am trying to make a stone spiral staircase. my first one. It wont give me the option. I have no floor planned on either the top or the bottom. No matter which way i try, the option doesnt come up. i have a trowel activated. and right click the ground. What am i doing wrong?
  10. i looked that up on yahoo. lots of links to it. any links that are directly to the main site? if anyone has it
  11. Can anyone confirm that 4 is slow? i have a slow troll mound. i have two mounds one is Aux 4 the other is a raging one, in fact is 4 as well. so not sure whats up there. both are spawning, one more then the other #overrunwithtrolls confirmed it my self: 4 is slow, 3 is raging so no wonder why i have more trolls then i know what to do with. i have two slow spawns. and one raging right next to my deed
  12. Anyone know how, or which program i can use to make a video of wurm? Prefer free, but low cost is ok. Looking for your suggestions please. Thanks.