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  1. WTS Dirt 28k

  2. WTS Dirt 28k

    I have 28k dirt to sell 1k=1s, if u dont have crates for exchange 7c per crate. Eazy port acces. Im in Independance T18 . delivery to any costal 1s per max 47 crates.
  3. Let us tame sea animals + spiders

    Tame the sea creatures sounds awsome!
  4. rare maul / medium maul, steel Starting bid 8s Min increase 50c Buyout: no sniper protection: 1 hour
  5. {CLOSE} 91.47ql Rare shovel, iron 79woa 76coc

  6. terraforming bug?

    fix it pls
  7. WTB 100k+ Dirt

    15k dirt for 12s in c13 xanadu port acces
  8. Its true! my slaves are happy and ready to mine, chopped or anything else u need, in cheapest price !