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  1. Of course horses need to be branded to get access to saddlebags/saddlesacks.
  2. Is that animal STILL branded or it was some time ago?
  3. Hi, I'm finding horse timers misleading. Pretty often those are showing completly different numbers giving the wrong impression. It goes both ways: - Timer says: xxx hours until being able to breed; Reality - able to breed. - Timer says: READY; Reality - "not in mood" (not hungry, not right after giving a birth, don't need grooming or anything other, checking two or three times every 30 minutes). Screens below First check: Check after 8 hours: Another horse, same situation: The other thing is, that new born animals have instantly age of 2 months. Is that correct?
  4. How it's possible that all uniques on Deli are penned (by Stanlee) in one place? Any ideas?
  5. ATTENTION, ATTENTION! We want to announce you that 11.02.2020 at 20:00 in GMT+1 we are slaying Goblin Leader. Slaying is public what means almost all the loot (excluding goblin war bonnet - reserved to the one who found it) will be rolled between slayers that hit/miss/glance, so please remember to hit and step back to give other players chance for loot. UPDATE: Slaying spot: Meet point at Eriador - M/L23, Deliverace. More details one hour before slaying. Feel free to come and help us with your swords, axes, mauls or any other weapon you're wielding. Also welcome all others to stand by for the blood (mining potions). See you there o/
  6. WTS 70s via PayPal, rate 1s:1e.
  7. I'm really sorry, forgot to update - already sold ?
  8. WTS supreme stone chisel (ql 91.82) with WoA94 and Imbue 27 [21:36:44] Wind of Ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [94] [21:36:44] It has been smeared with a ointment of stonecutting, and it improves stone cutting max ql [27] PM me here or in game (Malajane) with offers, looking for around 12s
  9. PC/WTS Full white drake set + AosP, 82s (or 82e via PayPal)
  10. Want to sell: small shoulder pad, cotton, 25.00ql - 30c double shoulder pad, cotton, 50.00ql - 40c ribboned shoulder pad, 50.00ql - 40c pumpkin shoulder pad, 50.57ql - 40c pumpkin shoulder pad, 52.90ql - 40c pumpkin shoulder pad, 55.36ql - 40c pumpkin shoulder pad, 65.03ql - 40c crafted shoulder pad, 75.00ql - 50c right basic shoulder pad, iron, 75.00ql - 50c If you're interested leave message here or in game - Malajane/Akkadyjczyk/Sappiro
  11. Eliminate the need of fields is NOT our intention. Gardening containers (e.g. gardening beds) are also interesting option however it might be too much for one suggestion. As long as mushroom cultivation isn't implemented we can't add it as an option to be fertilized.
  12. Interesting option, how about: > fertilizer might be used 1 time each 0,1kg (but i'm not sure if that won't lead to exploit) > each bone might be milled twice - 0,5kg + grindstone> 0,25kg (0,05kg lost in action) and again 0,25kg + grindstone> 0 (0,05kg lost), so here we have 2 bone meals (0,2kg each) from one bone