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  1. [SOLD] WTS 70s

    WTS 70s via PayPal, rate 1s:1e.
  2. [SOLD] WTS White drake set (full)+AosP

    Bump with price - 82s (or 82e via PayPal)
  3. [SOLD] supreme stone chisel (please close)

    I'm really sorry, forgot to update - already sold
  4. WTS supreme stone chisel (ql 91.82) with WoA94 and Imbue 27 [21:36:44] Wind of Ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [94] [21:36:44] It has been smeared with a ointment of stonecutting, and it improves stone cutting max ql [27] PM me here or in game (Malajane) with offers, looking for around 12s
  5. PC/WTS Full white drake set + AosP, 82s (or 82e via PayPal)
  6. WTS Shoulder pads

    Want to sell: small shoulder pad, cotton, 25.00ql - 30c double shoulder pad, cotton, 50.00ql - 40c ribboned shoulder pad, 50.00ql - 40c pumpkin shoulder pad, 50.57ql - 40c pumpkin shoulder pad, 52.90ql - 40c pumpkin shoulder pad, 55.36ql - 40c pumpkin shoulder pad, 65.03ql - 40c crafted shoulder pad, 75.00ql - 50c right basic shoulder pad, iron, 75.00ql - 50c If you're interested leave message here or in game - Malajane/Akkadyjczyk/Sappiro
  7. Fertilizers

    Eliminate the need of fields is NOT our intention. Gardening containers (e.g. gardening beds) are also interesting option however it might be too much for one suggestion. As long as mushroom cultivation isn't implemented we can't add it as an option to be fertilized.
  8. Fertilizers

    Suggestion was updated
  9. Fertilizers

    Interesting option, how about: > fertilizer might be used 1 time each 0,1kg (but i'm not sure if that won't lead to exploit) > each bone might be milled twice - 0,5kg + grindstone> 0,25kg (0,05kg lost in action) and again 0,25kg + grindstone> 0 (0,05kg lost), so here we have 2 bone meals (0,2kg each) from one bone
  10. Fertilizers

    FERTILIZERS #1 MINERAL FERTILIZER = ASH + BONE MEAL #2 ORGANIC FERTILIZER = TANNIN + BONE MEAL Mainly: Introducing bone (item) and two types of fertilizers: first accelerate growth rate, second gives crops QL bonus. Details below. New items require to add: bone - animal part, butchering product (excl. anaconda, blue whale, calf, cave bug, chicken, crab, dolphin, foal, fog spider, hell scorpious, huge shark, huge spider, lamb, lava fiend, lava spider, octopus, sea serpent, scorpion, sea cub, uniques), weight 0,5kg, skill - butchering bone meal - product of milling a bone with a grindstone (21 milling skill is required for milling the bones; QL of bone meal depends on bone ql, grindstone ql and milling skill), weight 0,2kg, skill - milling mineral fertilizer - bone meal + ash, weight 0,3kg (0,2kg of bone meal + 0,1kg of ash), skill - alchemy organic fertilizer - bone meal + tannin, weight 0,7kg (0,2kg of bone meal + 0,5kg of tannin), skill - alchemy New after-effects needed to add: mineral fertilizer - accelerate growth rate by one stage; 48h cooldown per tile field - e.g. freshly sown > sprouting, untended (only tended field could use fertilizer) tree - 9 stages, age restriction - up to old (0, 1, 2, 3) You see a young Birch tree. (4, 5, 6, 7s) You see a mature Birch tree. (s - sprouting) (8) You see an old Birch tree. bush - 9 stages, age restriction - up to old (0, 1, 2, 3) You see a young Camelia bush. (4, 5, 6, 7s) You see a mature Camelia bush. (s - sprouting) (8) You see an old Camelia bush. grass - short>medium>tall>wild hedge - low>medium>high organic fertilizer - gives +10% QL on crops while harvesting, works once on tile till harvesting (excl. barley, oat, rye, wheat to balance harvesting rune). Information at Examine: "The field is fertilized (organic)." Usage: Activate fertilizer > ppm on tile > Fertilize In addition: bones have huge potential - might be used as a tool, weapon or hook (fishing), but it's not the subject of this suggestion Regards Malajane & Sappiro UPDATE: Suggestions about making fertilizers easier to use or “worthwhile” were considered. Long lasting effect - QL AoE effect - weight Bulking Quality dependence - the higher QL the longer effect (only for organic fert.) [Time from sow to harvesting - ca. 7 days IRL] 0 - 20ql - 7 days 20,01 - 50ql - 14 days 50,01 - 70ql - 21 days 70,01 - 90ql - 28 days 90,01 - 100ql - 35 days If effect is ending before harvesting it last longer till harvesting or rotting (but no effect on rotten weeds). Weight dependence - more weight > wider effect (you just have to combine proper quantity) [mineral max - 0,3*64 = 19,2kg] [organic max - 0,7*64 = 44,8kg] 1 tile - 0,3/0,7kg (1 fert.) 9 tiles - 3/7kg (10 ferts.) 3x3 fertilize in the middle 25 tiles - 9/21kg (30 ferts.) 5x5 fertilize in the middle 49 tiles - 19,2/44,8kg (64 ferts.) 7x7 fertilize in the middle Bulking: bones - bsb bone meal - bsb mineral/organic fertilizer - bsb Regards Malajane & Sappiro
  11. WTS 50s

    As a title says: i have to sell 50s 1s = 1€ PM me here if you are interested.
  12. WTS rare and supreme forges

    Hello, as a title says i have to sell rare and supreme forges: 3x rare forge 6s/each 1x unf. rare forge 5s 1x supreme forge 25s If someone will decide to buy all together - 35s (3x5s+20s).
  13. "Make an offer" sale

    All seryll gone. Bump
  14. wurm login crash

    It's DNS problem: