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  1. Cod to Ddrosler please
  2. I think I have an ageless skin I could sell, although I have no clue how much it’s worth. Let me know if you’re still interested in buying one and we can work something out.
  3. Yeah I can see why it can sometimes be needed, it's still frustrating nonetheless. Even burning cotton items can be annoying, I can see why it's allowed but there's not much you can do about it if you don't realize your mistake right away.
  4. Hello simple suggestion that may or may not have been brought up already. Please don't let players use any cotton item to bandage a wound, especially if it has enchants on it. Accidentally had a puppet activated and bandaged a wound without realizing it, and honestly don't know why it's even an option to do that. Things like tents, mediation rugs, cloth armour, etc... shouldn't have the option to firstaid, or at least have a secondary window asking the player to confirm so players don't accidentally lose their items. Thanks
  5. Bump, now offering up to 91ql shield creation/imps!
  6. Butcher knife to Ddrosler if I won it, thanks!
  7. Rare butchering knife 2s
  8. Hi can you send this to Ddrosler please: QL~9 meditation rug c101 (1,5s)
  9. Would like to add to this suggestion. Armour smithing titles grant faster improvement rates but this doesn't include shield smithing. Not saying it needs to be included in this bonus, but definitely needs to be clearer on what counts as "armour" since it's very misleading at the moment.
  10. DD's Shield Smithing Services Shield Improvement and Creation Welcome People of Wurm! Are you tired of your shield breaking every time you go hunting? Well then this is the shop for you! I offer shield imping and creation services up to 91ql currently. Prices are for iron items. Other metals may be available but prices can vary. If you have questions or requests about this feel free to message me in-game (Ddrosler *usually active around 3PM-12AM EST) or on the forums. Wood shields are also available for the same price as iron. They will be Oakenwood but other wood types are available if you prefer something else. Creation prices are listed below, improvement prices will vary depending on the quality of your shield. (No Association with the DD PMK) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- QL Price 50ql 10c 60ql 15c 70ql 25c 75ql 30c 80ql 45c 85ql 65c 90ql 90c 91ql 1.2s ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Other Shields for Sale: 92ql Rare Large Shield, Iron (CoC 79) - 4s (sold)
  11. No longer buying