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  1. Stone chisel, iron QL 10 Coc 87  47c COD to Ddrosler please!
  2. Hello, Could you COD the following to ddrosler please! Thanks! QL 79 Carving Knife c79 (47c)
  3. [08:46:19] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Also, I can do 1s each for both seryll lumps, should I COD those to Galigan as well?
  4. 90 ql large rat pelt 88coc-50c @StarsHollow is this available? If so COD to ddrosler please! (If not, send next highest COC that’s also 50c)
  5. Recently cleared over 50 mobs from the hill in the pictures above, all the animals migrate to the water it's very strange.
  6. +1 because I’m imagining a peaceful meadow hill with a large oak tree on top of it
  7. Bump, still some rift items and other stuff for sale!