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  1. after coming back into wurm and re-preming i got a bunch of goodies--thinking i would get more goodies after i premed again i excitedly rushed off to the store dreaming of a endless supply of seryll but sadly i just got this msg [15:36:03] You have already received any Legacy Loyalty Bonus items that you were entitled to. could someone explain what legacy loyalty bonus is,if its once per account or every so often or after you have been inactive for a while etc as i have no clue what its all about thx
  2. bridges have been "coming soon" for 8 yrs,why is everyone in a tuffy about a delay,a release date to aim for was set, and that release date was missed due to technical issues basically its been 8 yrs whats a few more days/wks to sort the issues out,i'd certainly rather not end up bugged into a bridge and have to wait hrs for a gm to pull me out cause everyone else has gotten stuck as well *its 3:30am and i haven't slept in what feels like forever so i'm sorry if that didn't make much sense*
  3. excellent armor and a decent price with seryll and a LT wep you can clear massive swaths of mobs through the desert without breaking a sweat, definitely worth getting *2cents*
  4. would you except $ instead of in-game coin? if so 50e for seryll edit: also yay 500th post
  5. Exodus Deed Map

    could you plz add shipwreck isle http://exodus.wurmonline.info/?x=340&y=946&label=Shipwreck%20Isle its that whole island thx for keeping the map up and running
  6. being as this is for all servers on freedom isle it may help to include which server you are looking for them on,if its exo i have a few extra
  7. (close plz)

    promisedone is pretty much always buying crops, very reputable buyer - here is the link http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/110217-wtb-unlimited-garlic-onions/
  8. ill take the 80 ql saw with winds 73 CoD caelohh plz
  9. i'll take the 90ql 84woa butcher knife and 80ql 77woa hatchet CoD to caelohh plz
  10. CoD huge axe to jacobw plz i wanna try them out
  11. Closed

    no prem time and cele server,post updated also added sailboat to the main 2 priests as suggested