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  1. so only the red ones are snuffed out, thanks everyone for the feedback
  2. never owned a green one before, but I did noticed that problem with the red ones, thanks for the info though
  3. I recently noticed that the hats of the garden gnomes dont glow in the dark anymore, a couple months ago I remember them glowing in total darkness and now they dont seem to do so anymore. Am I the only one experiencing this? I found an old screenshot so you guys can compare it to the current hats. Here you can appreciate the glow in a relatively dark room and even in daylight they seem to be 100% bright too. let me know if any of you guys noticed this same problem or if you know anything about it. Take care everyone! happy wurming.
  4. grapes, lavender, camellia, roses, aaaaall my bushes are still young since the day the change was made...
  5. Day 1 snake starfall and maples still not produce sap, "[16:02:15] You see an old Maple tree. The maple will start to produce sap soon." thats all I get when I examine one... Ive been a wine maker for a whole year and Ive never had this problem before, anyone else experiencing this ? :/
  6. the problem only affects bushes, my trees are growing just fine even if they are centered. I havent been able to pick sprouts either, anyone else having this problem?
  7. maples usually produce sap after the third day of the first weak on the bear starfall, Ive never been able to get sap before that and I got to harvest all of my olives without a problem. ill try to harvest sap and let you know what happens.
  8. yes I know, I planted pine,maple,apple, etc and they grow normally, it seems to be a problem with bushes only, and not only grape ones, all bushes which are planted using the centered feature have this bug
  9. ok, Ive replanted half of my grape bush field the day the "plant on center" change was made, and since then not a single bush ( even the ones Ive planted naturally before the change ) have yielded a single sprout, the new bushes didnt even grow an inch, they are still young, so I wanted to know if anyone else is experiencing this or is it just me? ill add a picture in case im not making myself clear, my english isnt really good.
  10. Same problem here with the grape bushes, they are still young since I planted them in the center of the tiles, the same day that the change was made, and all of my bushes didnt even yield a single sprout since then :/ im sure something is wrong, Ive planted some bushes out of my deed to see if they grow normally outside. hope they look into it :/
  11. you are saying this as if another post would hurt... im sorry if it bothers you