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  1. Let Mayor Rename Guard Towers on Deed

    No one would wast 10s to rename guard towers
  2. ME + WURM = Who i would Forums Ban

    I'd ban everyone, easy to do its called go to the forums folder and delete it And say that I won the post wars in HTML
  3. Deco/Reco Loop

    Disconnect / Reconnect
  4. Deco/Reco Loop

    Do you live in Canada?
  5. Hey I, know I, hope she don't crash.

    Read the first post please, its a complete issue with the server host. And if you look around there server host, this issue has been here for ages, and its never going to get fixed.
  6. Bump, Join HoTS Today #LibilaFTW
  7. News Update: Work And Progress. Week 40

    Yet the .close(); is his weakest function... In the world....
  8. Allocate more RAM?

    I know on windows it is when you click on java it comes with a control panel, that allows you to increase your RAM.
  9. Since many people are having connection issues, i will make this for downloading issues. Download these and put them in your wurm pack file. http://wurmonline.com/packs/graphics.jar http://wurmonline.com/packs/sound.jar http://wurmonline.com/packs/pmk.jar
  10. How Do You Devs Expect...

    If you havent noticed its for PvP Targetting the PVP people and notnoobs.
  11. Downloading issues

    Try deleting your wurmfile, and moving it to your desktop or your documents, You shouldnt put it in the Program Files Because only the User can manually edit them.
  12. new rule

    Sounds like another horrible idea.
  13. Wurm won't download?

    Wow, because Winrar is Totally Java made.