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  1. Hi, sent. Sorry for delay, I was having short holidays. If you dont need it anymore, just return back
  2. It is broken. When they fix it and bring servers on again, we will continue wurming, eventually
  3. entire wurm is down, all servers
  4. 2 compasses sold, thanks for your business
  5. What summer would it be without a proper Summer Sale! 30% off on quality mounted explorer's equipment Let's make you happy! Compasses basic price 30% off 45ql 90woa 2s 1.4s 46ql 95woa 2s 1.4s 58ql 90woa 2.5s 1.7s 61ql 86woa 2.5s 1.7s 62ql 91woa 3s 2.1s 63ql 98woa 3s 2.1s 65ql 93woa 3s 2.1s 68ql 98woa 3s 2.1s 70ql 85woa 3.5s 2.4s 74ql 85woa 3.5s 2.4s 74ql 94woa 3.5s 2.4s 74ql 91woa 3.5s 2.4s 79ql 95woa 4s 2.8s Saddles ql90 basic price 30% off 90ql 90woa 2.2s 1.5s 90ql 90woa 2.2s 1.5s 90ql 96woa 3s 2.1s 90ql 96woa 3s 2.1s 90ql 97woa 3.3s 2.3s 90ql 98woa 3.6s 2.5s Horse shoes ql90 set basic price 30% off 4x 90ql 90woa 6s 4.2s 4x 90ql 91woa 6.6s 4.6s 4x 90ql 93woa 7.8s 5.4s 4x 90ql 94woa 8.4s 5.9s 4x 90ql 96woa 9.6s 6.7s 4x 90ql 97woa 10.2s 7.1s 4x 90ql 98woa 10.8s 7.5s (mailing fees included) Lesser ql equipment also available, don't hesitate to ask. For example - ql80+ woa80-85 saddles for 1s each, 20 in stock - ql80+ woa86-89 horseshoes for 70c each, 24 in stock
  6. I did few jobs turning tiles into clay, charged 4s / tile, plus 1s delivery fee. Always did it on site as a service, liquid is expensive to mail and you never know how much will you need. Seems to be quite random, even applying the same liquid amount and ql does bit different results each time. As Pandalet said, about 100-150kg of ql50 liquid is needed.
  7. Lag is occuring no more, they fixed the router/server "somewhere in the internet". Thanks all for your advices
  8. Thank you for you advices, but this has nothing to do with wurm client, nor my PC(s). This is a network/server issue on , Hetzner being the hosting company running wurm servers. Networks lags to that server occur even when there is no wurm client running, and I see them occuring from both of my PCs at the same time. My internet connection is fine, other online games/services work normally all the time.
  9. problem persisting, I cannot really play my 2 prem accounts. any help?
  10. Few days ago, wurm become pretty unplayable to me due to recurring heavy lags. For few minutes, all is ok, for few minutes wurm is completely unresponsive. All other applications, games, streaming, voicechat work normally, so this must be really related to wurm's data traffic infrastructure, specifically - hetzner is lagging. Here is my current traceroute (tracert 1 2 ms < 1 ms 3 ms {local address} 2 6 ms 8 ms 7 ms {ISP address} 3 11 ms 7 ms 9 ms {ISP address} 4 7 ms 7 ms 7 ms {ISP address} 5 10 ms 11 ms 11 ms [] 6 6 ms 7 ms 10 ms [] 7 44 ms 44 ms 15 ms [] 8 15 ms 11 ms 8 ms [] 9 2261 ms 2249 ms 2309 ms [] 10 2305 ms 2143 ms 2331 ms [] 11 2197 ms * * [] 12 2327 ms 2354 ms 2307 ms [] All I can do is sit on my deed and do things in the time frames where there is no lag, going into any fight is certain death due to lags, that can occur any time and are present for several minutes, before situation gets to normal again. Can you do something so help?
  11. I got the highest number of points, which are awarded when mob dies and you are fighting it, from what I observed. If you run away and mob dies, you are not getting points even if it is still tagged. So runaway tactics does not work even for points, and I was not perfoming it. You shall be getting points for healing too, and I used healing spells on me and others as well. From what I get, participation is the points, so the more points, the more participation: most points = most participation = heaviest lump awarded. If not, someone explain the actual mechanics pls.
  12. Patch notes 14 July 2016: Final loot table is now random between seryll, glimmer and adamantine lumps. Lump weight will be dependant on participation in the same manner as QL Rift creatures (except for champions and the warmaster) no longer have a chance to drop rift loot. Rift loot will now have a chance to drop when the Rift is closed based on participation levels. Higher participation level will mean more chances to get a loot drop. So I think winner would be getting more than 0.26kg lump, his participation is highest, he should be getting heaviest lump, at least.
  13. I have won an Exodus rift about 20 minutes ago, and all i got was 0.26kg ql92 seryll at the end. Nothing during the event. Is this right? Such reward really doesn't feel appropriate for the winner, considering many others got much better loot.
  14. bump, first compass just sold
  15. Feeling lost? The road ahead seems shrouded in uncertainty? Do not despair! We at Exodus Republic will guide the way, with our badass compasses. 78.35 ql 1.44 dmg 91 woa 4s 76.78 ql 0 dmg 93 woa 4s 75.87 ql 0 dmg 95 woa 4s 73.69 ql 0 dmg 98 woa 4s 71.97 ql 0 dmg 98 woa 4s 70.31 ql 0 dmg 88 woa 3.5s 68.51 ql 0 dmg 98 woa 3.5s 67.44 ql 0 dmg 93 woa 3s 67.19 ql 2.02 dmg 98 woa 2.8s Credits: Dameblanche: opening motto Egor, Wocas: needle imping, compass making Drvst: pottery hand-crafting Joeix: oil pressing, woa casting Majqo: food and warmth providing Lawurm: compasses testing with kangaroos on the other side of the planet (they work!) Aldur: cheering everyone: olives gathering
  16. sent, will be there in 2 minutes thank you
  17. They didn't really failed to kill it, they failed to SECRETLY KILL IT. When they got dragon from a cave and realized that there are FEW Exodus residents in local, they pulled dragon back in cave, not to share even SINGLE PIECE OF SCALE with Exodus residents. They might have killed it, they pulled it back instead. When we were enraged by such behavior (I am Exo citizen as well, not present there at the moment, came few mins later), we refused to exit local and started to make camp there, buildings etc. They called us griefers, because we are building near their deed. Now they are calling public event, interesting development indeed So that is what happened...