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  1. Having to wait to punch a dragon in the face sucks. +1
  2. Mrinvoice will be there for that bodacious troll booty!
  3. I have quite the view myself http://i.imgur.com/lDoHCBF.jpg
  4. Red Dragon Slaying

    Jimmy's time has come! Consider MANMAN and Mrinvoice (70 fs both) to be there for his blood!!! We shall avenge our fallen comrades and no Iron fence of despair shall stand in our way this time!
  5. Jimmy escaped the cave somehow and proceeded to wreak havoc throughout the encampment. Many lives were lost and valiant wargs were sacrificed. Unfortunately the deed owner was offline and the dragon run off by the time the true raidbosses iron fence and mine door were defeated.
  6. What's big, red and full of firemen? If you said a firetruck you were wrong! It was jimmy the red dragon! (he ate them, hence why he's fat). Jimmy enjoys long walks on the beach, running up mountains and eating everything with a green outline in local, including but not limited to my previous horse. RIP you brave steed. Thus it was decided that Jimmy simply must go. Jimmy is currently imprisoned in Dragonsreach mine and he is not happy about it in the least. In order to come and slay Jimmy, I ask that you post your name and FS here so you can be added to the mine door. Only people with 70+ fs will be allowed into dragonsreach cave. (Jenn-Kellon lemming tactics do not work on dragons) Hunt time: 25th March 2015 at 08:00 UTC (Will wait up to 1 hour extra if needed) Meetup point at N-19 Xanadu on a small jetty island thing. (red circle marker on the map) Bystanders are welcome! Stand near the mine entrance and listen to the screams of your friends and family and receive delicious dragon blood and scales. Also if you cut down olive trees in the area I will personally love you forever. (Olive trees are a plague on this land and must be destroyed with great fire and vengeance)
  7. Ouch, thanks for that though. I might have to do delivery out a bit further then.
  8. Ever felt like a lemming running towards your inevitable demise at the hands of a champion troll? Well with this delicious Magranon certified source liquid, you can keep being the lemming you always dreamed of being and charge into battle without fear of losing your bling up to 15 times thanks to the power of over 46k karma!!! 1.5 silver per kg or 65 silver for the lot. Pick up at Xanadu N-19 Will deliver locally for the price of a decent casserole, meal or sandwich. Delivery elsewhere can be negotiated. PM me in game on MANMAN or MrInvoice or post here for inquiries. Buy now whilst stocks last! -Better than mountain dew - 10/10 IGN