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  1. The Exiled x1 x1 in wurm unlimited is increasing in population, get in now, we are a group of settlers living around the spawnpoint of Hots, recruiting more, planning on making a viking society once we have enough people to cross the ocean, this is the server: Come join us, the new chaos server.
  2. Please Close

    i have a good feeling this servers going to be one of the best. something about it
  3. Please Close

    Great server, +1, this server is growing fast, if you want hardcore fun, a challenge, and total freedom unlimited by game mechanics, this is the server.
  4. q4 2017 the MUD comes out, im a count backer , its where i got the ideas & inspiration, but the game will take years to fully develop, meanwhile all the people waiting for that game would flood this server if its done right, alot of backers waiting for Chronicles of Elyria with spare $$ wanting to play a game similiar to it while the years pass by for CoE to come out.
  5. Thanks, this post was incredibly helpful, yeah the replacing NPCs will be an obstacle, but we may never know untill we try yes?? Sending you PM
  6. I appreciate your skepticism, the more information I can give out the better. 1) the hiring depends on the negotiations 2) i have experience in running servers, websites, and other experience that I consider myself qualified for this project. 3) developers outside of wurm from previous projects, but I need an inside modder who knows the game. 4) it's not a joke 5) it was a pipe dream about 5-7 months ago, but as I waited for games like my idea to pop up, with nothing popping up, I decided once my rl business gets stable, I might open a unique WU server, now, it's officially in Planning, consider this post as the announcement. 6) in terms of when modding, no, I do not know what I'm doing, but That won't stop me either lol, which is why I need inside boys who do know. Thanks for the Qs, feel free to drop any more ?
  7. Hello there, a lot of people think wurm is dying, I think otherwise, I think a good mod can bring wurm unlimited to its golden age, just as dayz Brang Arma II so much more players. which comes to my point, I'm planning on opening a Hyper Realism Server in the near future (1-2 months after all mods are developed) where there will be 1) Permadeath after 5 deaths 2) Marriage & marriage bonuses 3) Woohooing(the sims) & pregnancy 4) NPCs spawning as descendants in your home untill another player spawns as the NPC 5) being able to spawn/start as a descendant of another player by choosing the option & taking over their "NPC Descendant" 6) being able to Lock your descendant for your use only & be able to spawn as your own descendant when your original char permadies. Your descendant playing as you will have x2 skill ramps for your past character's life. 7) there are a lot of ideas for this heavily modded server, as well as a lot of loopholes to fill. But these are some so the modder knows the level of difficulty this will be. If your your interested in getting paid to mod, let me know
  8. personally not interested in another pvp fighting server, wish a RP-PvP server popped up. if people wanted fights and thats it why play Wurm...
  9. been looking for a village/ group of players to help me start out for a while, none is interested or is recruiting, ima look for another server, not interested in x1 if its so empty & no group is looking to take on apprentices/ recruits.
  10. Just Joined, looking to join a village, or anyone that has room in their house w/ Bed.
  11. wish this was still active, need a good rp-pvp servers where actual heroic stories can happen
  12. id love to play in this server if it was more populated and was more official and better taken care of.
  13. pvp is not the main goal, it is just a feature, our main goal is to make just to make a world with true rash consequences based on player actions.
  14. Sweat and blood website up! visit us now at
  15. true, ill look for this mod to speak of, got to start somewhere, rome wasnt built in a day.