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  1. Remove getting points for capturing camps. Also, something to consider if more champions changes are in, allow all deities for every kingdom. (obviously with the exception of bl)
  2. Or you can make a notepad and write down how much time is left for each deed.
  3. Have an option when casting strongwall to reinforce a cave floor tile.
  4. AGAIN?

    Randomly getting long refreshing times.
  5. Siege-phants would be pretty cool to see, although I can't see it happening. +1 to the idea
  6. Glad to see you found chaos fun.
  7. DF is pretty fun, but pretty big learning curve off the start.
  8. I've never really stuck with a big project. I've had many deeds, but I just can't commit to any of them it seems. (without getting bored after a while). So I just become a mag priest and it solved all my problems!
  9. They let me play on the lower difficulty because I'm bad.. I still continue to be, they tried their best to teach me, I swear!
  10. Servers are being restarted apparently.
  11. You shouldn't get skill from this and it takes 1 - 2 mine actions to get shards.
  12. It took me 3 days of playing daily maybe, on the elevation server with chain gear and two swords. if you're on freedom, it will basically depend if you can find a lot of greenish, fierce, raging etc.. animals that give a lot of fightskill.
  13. No, because if you strongwall an account in, it can be trapped there forever.
  14. You can take things if you left your house unlocked..
  15. I'd recommend joining Aether's deed, has a lot to teach new and old players alike.
  16. Or just state that it's for epic only at the start of the thread, freedomers are allowed to put their input, lots of updates that are supposed to be for epic/chaos end up being for freedom too.
  17. Rice

    I like this idea, would be a nice addition. +1