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  1. They're coming online right now.
  2. If you're going MR, I recommend this thread.
  3. If you're on chaos, definitely don't worry about cutting other people's trees, there are way too many. The real dangers are valrei creatures or a player looking for blood. I'd suggest joining one of the three kingdoms currently active there as you'll have a community to join and a deed where you can be safe at.
  4. Yep, completely fine now, no more 30 second delay.
  5. Cele, really bad lag currently, VPN not working.
  6. Awesome update, especially with the reinforced walls. A good solution.
  7. Doesn't exactly seem natural, although nothing wrong with a little bit of extra weapon skill.
  8. +1 could be made out of leather.
  9. Can you seriously please stop acting like Fsb abused some sort of known bug? Like seriously, when we got to Kratos.. what do you think blocked us. WOW it was a reinforced tile, I guess you're all bug abusers now and should be banned? No, because that would be silly. Even when Rolf gave you literally everything, you're still trying to say he abused a bug which is just pathetic because you know it's not true.
  10. No. Also, WL has 3 priest types, therefore has 3 different spell sets; BL has 1.
  11. A new elevation would be amazing, the home server maps are fine, other than the fact that Affliction is probably 40% destroyed at this point and the other two are slowly being destroyed.
  12. I like how it was fixed during a raid.
  13. You have someone who is mag champed logged off still, good luck.
  14. +1 from me, but should be more of a risk when champing. 3 deaths on chaos as a champ can take many years, should be more than -1 to every characteristic.
  15. It's called raiding a deed that actually has active players in it.
  16. I think champions should be forced to pvp; to kill people. Otherwise, why bother in the first place.
  17. If I was a noobie with nothing and I saw an easier method of travel, I'd have taken your boat too. I assume unlocked boats are old and abandoned.