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  1. Who broke Xanadu!

    [19:13:18] 482 other players are online. You are on Xanadu (1081 totally in Wurm). Not for me.
  2. I enjoy seeing progression of deeds, great idea.
  3. It seems like a feature only needed for the home servers, so +1. I can't think of any way it would be useful on elevation/chaos.
  4. DF is fun, but my fortress usually goes bad after the first big attack: titan, goblin ambush etc.
  5. Would really add more life to deserts. +1
  6. You should highlight your skill dump so it's a lot easier to read.
  7. You should highlight the skills here - makes it a lot easier to read.
  8. If you join a pvp server, you can usually try to join one of the main kingdoms, whether it's on epic or chaos. Most people are very friendly and accepting towards new players. The home servers (which are on the epic cluster) are also good places to start learning if you're new, lots of people are always looking to teach newer players. You wont be killed on sight, it's possible, but has personally never happened to me after playing on them for a long time. The freedom servers are possible too, you can check out the recruitment section of the forums and ask to join a village, it's really the best way to get started in wurm.
  9. Try going here C:\Users\(yourname)\wurm\packs and deleting all of the test_ jar files.
  10. Little over 1 day left.
  11. As a maker of dirt walls, I much prefer digging and flat raising to making bricks.
  12. 79 rares 1 supreme starting bid 1 silver minimum increment 50c no reserve auction over pickup from northwest celebration only - x11 y7 on the public map can request the ores to be smelted into lumps
  13. I think non red statues are being considered rare now by some, they should be colourful again.
  14. I think the point of getting it off of towers, hota etc is to stop decay in the first place. But I personally like the idea of having to pvp on a regular basis to get rank, or having to leave deed for things such as towers, hotas etc to sustain it.