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  1. When I try to harvest an olive tree with a 25 ql sickle, the damage goes up really fast. A lot more than normal.
  2. Aw too bad, good luck on next time though.
  3. 39y 35x top right cornor on that little patch of green called Event Horizon
  4. not sure if you care, but corbitas are around 6 - 7s now.
  5. uniques

    most maps label what's been slain, just ask in freedom chat
  6. DELI only I'll buy lots of leather, any ql, you name the price. I'll pick up if you have a good amount. It has to be just leather-lye used on hide. No drakes. I'll pickup almost anywhere in deli. Pm me ingame (mattown)
  7. Just spent about 8s here aha. This is a good place.
  8. 41y 43x On that tiny piece of land is called "Lakeside Settlement"
  9. What does lol and I'll buy the normal male yellow horse.
  10. Just a small suggestions, when you're getting an item through mail like a small bucket or something, it should show what is in the bucket or whatever container it might be.
  11. You're moving.. I'd still buy the yellow I guess though.
  12. Yup, there was also a champion bear near it too. It seems the trolls are coming.
  13. Yup killed one today, my friend and I killed. [15:29:15] You have just received the title 'Trollslayer'!
  14. x27 y10 The Goodest Settlement It's top part right in the middle of the sqaure
  15. I gave you 2 coords off, Matt's Forst Camp is y8 x26 My bad ;p Edit: There is a mailbox there too.
  16. x:26 y:6 the settlement Matt's Forest Camp add it on the very middle right of the square
  17. y: 26 x: 10 The settlement stronghold was disbanded.
  18. Blocked

    Doesn't work, it even gives me an unlock option in properties but that doesn't even do anything..
  19. Blocked

    fixed, just made a new user on my computer and transfered the files