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  1. what's the sig on the set?
  2. if you could only block looting if you had 70fs or something, then i think it would be a good change
  3. thank you for listening and removing the equip timers, great change
  4. Idk how you guys think you can revive epic when most of the epic features all get put onto chaos anyway, whether we wanted them or not. Good luck though.
  5. I feel like people have been saying for a while to be careful with those items, because at any time they could be fixed. I guess it finally happened.
  6. Corn is good because he always reminds me to use my potions :^) But I always liked pvping with proph, johnny, kwonzai, pj because they're always calm during pvp and we always have lots of fun. Which is all that really matters guys!
  7. 51 catapults is really impressive, pretty good account.
  8. I think combining both populations would be great fun, but the main issue is that there is no fair way to combine everything pretty much. Someone is going to lose something, sadly.
  9. Apparently every priest is supposed to have locate soul, Nathan does not. - current spell list (i'm not actually certain if the player made deities are supposed to have them, but it doesn't hurt anything)
  10. I like chaos because the map itself is pretty awesome, also the aspect of fighting for control over an area is neat. I always enjoy pvping with my good pals in enemy kingdoms. =)
  11. The items aren't important at this time, appreciate it though. =)
  12. Destroying a bridge seems to work fine, but when you actually destroy the whole thing and piles of items fall to the ground, you get this message when trying to pick up the items(when trying to open the pile of items as well) that were on it - [08:58:23] You need to be on the same bridge in order to do that.
  13. Would really just want paypal as it makes it a lot easier for me.
  14. Showed the game to 5 or so friends, a few played for a while but none of them actually stuck with it or grinded very much. Just isn't a game for everyone I suppose. I find the long grinds very rewarding while they had other words to show that they didn't enjoy it.
  15. I've noticed epic portals really do decay fast on deed. +1