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  1. would really like to see this change added
  2. the casts are accurate based off the picture I want 18 silver for it. hey miniroll
  3. posts pictures so people know what they're getting
  4. I have two suggestions regarding catapults for a "fix" I'd say because this really does seem like a bug rather than intended. Firstly, when catapulting, the hit message you get can either be "you have seem to hit plain stone wall", or "you have seem to hit Enter House Name Here." This seems to be really random and can make catapulting certain areas just a huge pain for really no reason, I'd suggest that it's easier to tell what you're hitting (maybe based off your skill?). Secondly, when catapulting a single tile, the walls or fences that you're hitting on the tile can also be seemingly random. What I would suggest is just making it hit everything on the tile or floor, this would make it a bit easier (or, again, have a chance to hit everything on the tile based on skill). Also, the slope system determining your shot is really pointless in itself and reverting it to 10 winch = 10 tiles etc, no matter what would be sick too.
  5. good pvp acc, but i'd say only 300e max since it really only has pas other than fighting skills
  6. If you're catapulting on a pvp server (specifically chaos for me) and you hit a player with a shot, the achievement will pop up every time. It's just kind of annoying and probably shouldn't be happening every single time it occurs.