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  1. I honestly don't get why they did that change in the first place, it really killed pvp at the time in chaos. It was good because as you said, it encouraged people to go off deed and take more risks. edit: maybe make mine doors lock pickable?
  2. i dont really see any negatives to making a new map and having chaos become a hunting server or whatever the current map is honestly way too big to fit the player base and probably over half of the map is just sitting there with 0 purpose. a smaller map would be nice and would bring back old players and perhaps some new players, i can't really see why that's bad or hard for the dev team to see but ok - perhaps it stems from the fact that none of you play on the server and therefore can't understand?
  3. it's pretty insane that a group of players would want to get as much scale as possible for themselves, wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. great service from great people and kwon
  5. I like how 9 people voted no and not a single one posted a valid reason to not have this change. Other than "lol u guys just want to make raiding easier!!!" It's more like, don't punish people for raiding a deed 5+ days in a row with 18-40 hours inbetween raids (which is plenty of time to rebuild by the way)
  6. I'd really love to hear why you'd vote no for this. If you can drain a deed 5+ times, there is no reason you should be capped, it should be disbanded even.
  7. If the devs won't fix catapulting, I wouldn't expect this to ever happen.
  8. pm me looking for faith only pretty much also give me a price offer