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  1. stupid directive either way tbh, and yeah, dont expect the staff to ever respond to a pm, i have pm's from months ago that have been read and never responded to
  2. Just a word of advice, if it really turns out to be something wrong on their part and not yours, id demand premium time compensation.
  3. p sure i dont want never ending news, would rather have news that matters
  4. pretty sure you cant be banned for going in local of a deed.... thats just playing the game. If thats not the case then the staff of this game is literally the worst staff i have ever seen
  5. But its more fun than wurm. Thats the sad part.
  6. Is this some kind of ploy to secretly get us to do your dirty work for you. I dont even understand
  7. Im from epic... and i +1, in fact id be completely okay with entirely removing epic lol