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  1. Hi, can you cod the following to Moridrid? Shovel, Iron 81.27 woa83 70c Thanks!
  2. Hi, can you please cod 18. stone chisel, iron 70ql BOTD75 - 90c to Moridrid? Thanks!
  3. Please cod the following items to Nicomedes: Butchering Knife 80c Pickaxe (iron) 60ql 78c Thanks
  4. Make more dirt go into a dredge.. Really annoying having to empty it after every two dirts.
  5. C.o.d. the b71 shovel to Moridrid please. Thanks
  6. c.o.d. the 86.86 ql longsword for 5s to moridrid please!
  7. 40# Rope tool 59ql 63woa 70coc - 70c c.o.d. to Moridrid please! Thanks

    #54- 90c for me please. I am currently in the neighbourhood, so would like to pick up. Let me know when you are in game and we can arrange something.
  9. [21:51:46] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Thanks!
  10. Hi everybody, I am selling a 35ql rare saddle. Price is 10s. Pick up from Celebration or buyer pays c.o.d.
  11. Iron Hammer 37.11 QL 79 CoC 50c c.o.d. to Moridrid please!
  12. stairs

    Is the entire tile a staircase or is it also possible to walk past the staircase (i.e. not going up or down)?
  13. Can you c.o.d. one to Moridrid please? Thanks!
  14. I will try to make it, this is very close to home Moridrid, mayor of New Bithynia