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  1. When resizing a deed, the form displays the pre-trader costs of the deed after resizing, rather than after trader costs.
  2. When trading with the trader, he or she doesn't turn to look at you, and there is no way to turn the trader once placed. Unfortunately this means I have a trader forever staring at a wall like shes in timeout. This will bother me far more than it should. All other NPCs do look at you when you interact with them, so I'm going to assume this has to do with the new "Open trader store" option.
  3. This seems interesting and fun, I might be willing to try it out. I do have a couple questions that might help clarify the nature of the service. 1. Why are you doing this? Crafting tools and such to be sold can be done from the comfort of your own deed, and you don't seem interested in the tasks that would actually require you to be present. (Surface mining, digging etc). Depending on your productivity, either you or the village that hires you stands to lose out as well. 2. How much direction do you require? I see this ad as a sort of "villager for hire" thing, which is interesting. Could someone just tell you, "hey this is our village crafting area, but we need storage, more smelters and other appropriate stuff" and just let you have it? Or do you need more specific direction such as "we want 20 of this tool and that tool" and so on. I really like the idea and I hope it takes off.
  4. Shame, I was hoping trader would be 20-25s Edit for a min size deed it's 16 years and 8 months to recoup investment
  5. Technically this depends on whether you have the lawful flag on or not. You would still get this error on a PvP server if you are lawful. This prevents you from accidently doing something illegal on a PvP server, but yeah it doesn't make much sense on freedom. As I stated in the op, it's quirky but I'm fine with it as long as message clarity is improved so you actually know what permission to use. I hope the devs would consider doing a review of all "error" messages before the steam release. Even basic things should be looked at for example: "you may not carry that weight". Well what weight can I carry? How much heavier is the thing I'm trying to pick up than what I can do? These small quality of life changes could go a long way towards making the game more approachable to new players on steam
  6. Today I ran into a situation where I couldn't charm my own animal on deed. So I'm sitting here scouring all my permissions looking all over for why I can't do this. Allowed to do spells, allowed to brand, allowed to manage the animal.. etc etc etc to no avail. I go to CA chat to get help, checking and double checking to make sure I have everything I'm supposed to have. Until finally I realize that charm animal counts as "attacking a citizen" when the animal is branded. Now this is extremely obscure, because under normal conditions, why would you ever grant a citizen the ability to attack other citizens. Of course this is freedom, so you can't really attack other players anyway. But still, this was really confusing. However this isn't really point of this post; the real problems boils down to poor messages that do not explain why you can't do things. Just make it easier to resolve permission headaches, which is something that comes up very commonly with new or even veteran players. Suggestion: Update not allowed messages to include all the permissions the user is lacking to perform said action. Instead of [02:15:38] That would be very bad for your karma and is disallowed on this server. It should say [02:15:38] You do not have the 'Attack Citizens' permission so that would very bad for your karma and is disallowed on this server.
  7. bought please close
  8. Why is this not a thing already? Rediculous. +1
  9. This man stayed up past his bedtime to make sure I got what I wanted. Buy his stuff.
  10. I'm not sure this kind of discussion is useful or valuable. Prices of bulks are whatever people are willing to buy and sell them for. I do agree with you that these bulks may rise in price after the rmt craze is over. I think people are just trying to unload their stock which is driving prices down. After March I believe prices will rise again, but I don't know by much. I think it's a more interesting discussion to speculate what these prices will be like when steam comes out.
  11. Yeah the action ranges of everything needs to be normalized to a standard range. If you can open it, you can move it, use it, mount it so on and so on. It's these minor things why normal people look at us like we're crazy when trying to talk about this game.