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  1. By The Landing on Chaos. There's at least one cave/mine with a glitchy shaft that stretches from one location just under the surface to another location deep underground. The floor is one tile, the ceiling is one tile. It doesn't hurt to walk down the shaft, and climbing back up it should be impossible, but isn't. I guess the slope value is normal....
  2. Yes I did! Is that what it does? Hides the spiders? That's hilarious! ...thanks. Am I right?
  3. This is only my second topic now, please forgive me If I put it in the wrong section. Has anyone else noticed the spiders underground? No, not in a cave... the spiders are walking around with just their abdomen sticking out. They look a bit like a rock, but they move around very quickly and attack you. This is on Chaos, near The Landing. It's rather annoying, since it's harder to see the spiders.... I guess I could post a screenshot if anyone feels it's necessary.
  4. Hello, this is my first post! Anyway, last time I played, I was in a cave on Chaos, near The Landing. I came back later and spawned in the cave, like normal. However, the ambient sounds that were playing were not that of the cave. I heard insects, leaves, and wind like I was outside. I've never noticed this before, but I don't think I've spawned in a cave before. I'm a total newbie here. So, is this a well-known bug? Anyone encountered it already?