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  1. This. There's so many people wanting to get into pvp, but are unable to due to the poor mob situation right now. I dread to think how many people have already stopped playing because of this (I know for a fact this is a non zero amount). What's more, even with whatever bugs were present in the previous mob spawning code, it was still fun to play for everyone. Isn't that the most important thing?
  2. Faith doesn't transfer when crossing servers, so it is possible to be a priest on PvP and a non priest on PvE, and vice versa.
  3. Bump (it's not just melody though, as I'm sure others in this thread have pointed out)
  4. In short, players are heavily rewarded for playing on PvE servers, whilst a lot of people feel there is little reason to play on Defiance unless there is an active PvP engagement occurring. This is super unhealthy for the PvP community, and if changes aren’t made, the population on Defiance will eventually die. Some of the reasons people frequently choose to play on Freedom rather than Defiance include: More frequent rites, and therefore more sleep bonus. There are a lot more rite casts on Freedom than on Defiance due to the higher population and more concentrated number of Vynora priests. Risk free crafting. Risk free hunting. Items you make can be sold for silver, whereas on Defiance people are more likely to provide items for free. Ease of crossing between Defiance and Freedom. Instead of the Chaos/Freedom isles relationship; where you must sail between servers (which is a risk in itself), portals currently allow you to cross at a moment’s notice in order to respond to PvP. Essentially, playing on Freedom just makes a lot of sense for the individual, but if everyone does the same, this has a negative impact on the PvP community. Usually high difficulty is rewarded in Wurm, as it should be, which is why I suggest adding incentives to play on PvP rather than removing features from Freedom: Hunting should ALWAYS be good on PvP. Right now it is terrible, particularly in the south. Spawns should be crazy high. Starter zones could be spared so new players don’t get overwhelmed. Rites could have halved requirements on PvP, and scale with number of active priests in that religion. (Or a timed cooldown, half requirements on PvP might still mean more casts on Freedom). Looting battle camps could give 1 hr sleep bonus to all in local. Valrei missions: If the Defiance server rewards are as the same on Freedom it’d make no sense, as there’s no risk to completing Valrei missions on Freedom. On Defiance, these missions should be more frequent, they should encourage going into enemy lands, and they should give lots of sleep bonus and other rewards for all participants. (My suggestion is keep Valrei missions the same as they currently are on Freedom, but buff the rewards on PvP. Note that this DOES NOT mean adding moon metals or similar to the PvP Valrei rewards.) Exclusive skins that can only be acquired on the PvP server. These could be gained through Valrei missions, HoTA rewards, or maybe as rewards for having high battle rank. These skins could be transferable to the Freedom servers to allow people to show off their pvp-gotten-gains. Some sort of penalty to using a PvP portal, a timed CR nerf or similar. Increased skill gain? Nothing as drastic as Epic, but instead a 10% bonus to all skillgain. These are just some ideas thrown out there as examples, as there are plenty of other ways to increase incentive. Feel free to add more suggestions, like, comment, subscribe, etc. It should also be noted that this thread links up with this one here:
  5. I don't have any screenshots to back it up, but it appears on Defiance there's extremely large gatherings of mobs along the north east coast. Specifically around the deserts there. Meanwhile in the south hunting is near impossible. It was a fun few days being able to hunt before the "fix".
  6. It's already been said, but to reiterate: please don't make any changes like this, it sounds massively over complicated. And would this "pool" be a hidden pool? Would it be another faith-style bar? Either way, I don't like the sound of it.
  7. Doesn't really seem necessary to me -1
  8. Just to note I also reported this bug back in 2017, and it wasn't a new bug even then. It would be good to see it finally fixed.
  9. Bump. Consider this: As most skills currently transfer between the PvE and PvP servers, having a shared sleep bonus pool would not affect game balance in the slightest. The only affects this change would have on this game are positive ones, namely giving people more freedom to choose where they can play. This in turn could perhaps reduce the excess of deeds on the PvE servers slightly, giving the more permanent PvE inhabitants more space to roam, plant deeds, etc.
  10. I fundamentally disagree with Retro's response (quoted above) to when you previously brought up shared sleep bonus. You are being penalised if you choose to play on the server where you do not have sleep bonus. Therefore, in order to not be penalised, you're forced to play on a specific server. As I said, shared sleep bonus would give people more freedom to play where they wish.
  11. The sleep bonus pool should be shared between all servers in the Northern Isles cluster; Defiance, Harmony, and Melody. For example, if you have 3 hours of sleep bonus on one server, you have 3 hours on all the servers. If you use up 20 minutes on one server, you lose 20 minutes on all the servers. Seeing as account/character skills mostly cross between servers, it makes sense for the sleep bonus to cross too. This would stop people feeling like they're forced to play on any specific server in order to use up their sleep bonus, and instead give them the freedom to grind wherever they please.
  12. Bump, this is getting increasingly more important as people on the new servers are going down meditation paths where they can't utilise any of the early bonuses.
  13. Huge +1 from me here, and now's the best time to do it - when there's a minimal amount of moon metal on the server. You could even keep the existing weapons/armour in the game as a form of "player made artifact". Keeping moon metal in the game as it is is basically dooming the end game to being all about these metals, all the variety in gear choice that we're currently seeing will be gone.
  14. I have to say, I was initially against the idea of raid windows. But after 2 weeks on the new Defiance server, I've seen a lot of deeds popping up that likely wouldn't have been possible to maintain on previous PvP servers. These deeds could be described as "Freedom-esque", as they're smaller and more open, often along major highways and without dirt walls. I feel like these types of deeds create a really good balance on the server, offering more variety within the community as well as interesting areas where conflicts can occur. I'm optimistic that with the raid windows in place, these types of deeds will continue to be viable for people who wish to live away from the front lines and wardeeds. And to any PvE'ers reading, I encourage you to give Defiance a try! Edit: Although I still think the raid window size should increase the further away from the starter zone a deed is placed. Deeds close to the centre of the map should be raidable 24/7. This would continue to enforce the "front line" idea.
  15. The gap at the bottom of the local list after the last name makes it look like that's the last name on the list, whereas the list actually continues:
  16. Removing a massive feature that's enjoyed by many doesn't seem like a good move. Especially from day 1 where people are deciding what server they want to settle on. I don't remember it causing any issues on new Elevation either. It doesn't even solve anything, people will just have personal mine vaults for each person instead. So now you have many mine doors to deal with instead of just 1. I'm pretty disappointed about this seemingly rushed decision because a couple of people don't like the underground deed aesthetic to be honest.
  17. In the right click menu - Has anyone mentioned that having Examine and Emotes as icons, and other actions in the standard list format doesn't feel very intuitive? I know a few people that have initially wondered where emotes had gone, and I've personally accidentally clicked "Equip" instead of "Examine" a few times. I'm sure I'll get used to it, but it just doesn't feel very natural in my opinion.
  18. Rumble sounds... Very out of place in the Wurm world.
  19. Reposting this with a working gif: In the skills window, you're unable to drag the window using the gap in the window between the Skills tab and the minimise/close tab. However on the chat window, you can drag from this area. I'd personally prefer it if you could drag any window using this empty space.
  20. I feel like the colours used for active and inactive tabs are the wrong way round. When I see a grey tab, I assume that it can't be selected, presumably because it's the currently selected/active tab. However in this UI grey is used for the inactive tab, and is therefore "clickable". The coloured tab (friends in the below example) looks like it is meant to be clicked on, but is actually the active tab. I also feel like incoming messages being highlighted in blue isn't eye catching enough.