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  1. Bug related to the Defiance change where equipping armour cancels a spell cast:
  2. The recent PvP/Defiance patch changed it so equipping armour when casting a spell causes the spell to cancel. However moving armour in or out of a group within your inventory also incorrectly causes the spell to cancel. See here for an example:
  3. I'm sorry but you really don't understand the current situation on Defiance. Oblivionreaver's post does a good job of summarising the reasons people choose to grind on PvE instead - it's not because people are scared of being looted.
  4. PoK isn't even available on Defiance as level 9 is the maximum meditation level there. There's currently no way to get that 25% bonus on Defiance. As you said, having the skillgain bonus linked to meditation skill would be a good change.
  5. There's a reason that opinion isn't expressed too often. Why would you be against improvements being made to any part of the game? Just because that part doesn't appeal to you? Adding incentives for people to play on PvP servers isn't forcing you to do anything. Balancing the playing field by giving people who want to PvP the ability to play on PvP servers without disadvantaging themselves is not going to negatively affect you. There's a million reasons Epic's not doing too well, and the skill gain bonus isn't one of them.
  6. This PvP update doesn't fix the fact that NFI PvE servers are still the best place to grind. Once again, they still have PoK 25% skillgain bonus, Vynora bonus, the ability to sell the stuff they make and then buy sleep bonus, etc. A chance for additional sleep bonus from hunting or whatever isn't going to incentivise people to play on Defiance when they can have all of the above guaranteed on PvE. I've said it a million times now, but the solution to this is really a general increase to the skillgain on Defiance, perhaps linked to meditation level (not path).
  7. And your solution to fireheart being seemingly overpowered is to remove every other PvP option available to priests and make them a one trick pony? "Your job is to sit at the back and cast fireheart. That's it." There're already several much better solutions suggested in this thread.
  8. I really hope it doesn't need to be said, but the above changes would make priests next to useless in PvP. The idea that priests can sit back in a support "glass cannon" type roll does not fit into the reality of Wurm PvP in the slightest.
  9. Will there be a further updates/points of discussion in this thread before the big patch on the 23rd? Has the issue/solution quoted below (regarding incentive to grind on Defiance) been considered any more?
  10. Barding doesn't seem to be applying the correct speed debuff. Have only tested with chain barding, but likely applies to the other materials too. Both horses have fleeter, lightning, very strong leg muscles, strong body, and carry more. Both horses are fully fed. The faster "bugged" horse is ebony black, the slower horse is not. The "bugged horse" is going ~24kmh to ~33kmh with chain barding. The horse gear is all ~70ql with 50, 50, 50, 60, and 76 power casts. This is approximately the same speed you would expect to see this horse go without any chain barding. The other horse is only going ~18kmh to ~27kmh with chain barding. The horse gear is all ~70ql with 70 power casts on the shoes and a 50 power cast on the saddle. Without barding this same horse goes ~34kmh.
  11. This is probably a video that would come after the bare bones basics of "how to dig", "how to mine", etc. But... Getting started on a PvP server: The general differences between PvP and PvE servers ("the full true sandbox experience", full loot PvP, thievery, kingdoms, teamwork, etc). Overview of the different PvP servers and their pros and cons (and their populations). Overview of how Kingdoms work, how you pick a Kingdom, how you can change Kingdom, how it changes your starting location, etc. Description of the starter zone (Defiance specific). The importance of teamwork within your kingdom, and the best way to find people to team up with (forum recruitment pages, kingdom chat, etc). The importance of a deed (off-deed house doors and minedoors unlock if you pass through them with enemies in local, for example). How to identify an enemy (kinda difficult until they're on top of you these days now that cross-kingdom pms are possible). Basic description of different weapon types. Useful beginner personal goals to participate in PvP (riding a horse, weapons, shields, etc). What are the overall goals on a PvP server (territory control, HoTA, etc) Highlight the fact that you don't need to be a Wurm veteran to play on a PvP server or to participate in PvP. You don't even need to participate in PvP to play on a PvP server; plenty of people enjoy crafting and building deeds with the aim of supporting their kingdom's overall goals, without directly fighting with the enemy. There's so much more that could be talked about here, but hopefully this starts things off with a few ideas. Take a look at Polk's tutorial series for other pointers:
  12. If you disconnect and reconnect whilst on an enemy deed, you are teleported off deed in a seemingly random direction. This is a big problem when raiding or PvP'ing on an enemy deed, as the slightest disconnect (even just the embark-desync-reconnect bug) will cause you massive issues, as you can be teleported on to the opposite side of the deed. I know this is an intended feature is some situations, but I believe it's unintended in situations like the one described above. Perhaps have a timer between disconnecting and reconnecting, and if it's within a short space of time don't teleport them off deed?
  13. 100% agree with this. This sounds particularly fun (and easy to implement):
  14. First and foremost, as I and many others have already suggested - Increased skillgain on Defiance. This increase need to be high enough to persuade people to forgo their 25% increased skillgain from PoK, weekly Rites, and profitable PvE market. The percentage increase could scale with meditation level (not path). Secondly - Exclusive skins that can only be acquired on the PvP server. These could be gained through Valrei missions, HoTA rewards, or maybe as rewards for having high battle rank. These skins could be transferable to the Freedom servers to allow people to show off their pvp-gotten-gains. Whether these skins are tradable or account bound is up for discussion, I'm not sure what the best route would be.
  15. Agreed. As I said earlier in the thread; to even begin to compete with all that, a skill gain increase to Defiance should be considered.