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  1. The gap at the bottom of the local list after the last name makes it look like that's the last name on the list, whereas the list actually continues:
  2. Removing a massive feature that's enjoyed by many doesn't seem like a good move. Especially from day 1 where people are deciding what server they want to settle on. I don't remember it causing any issues on new Elevation either. It doesn't even solve anything, people will just have personal mine vaults for each person instead. So now you have many mine doors to deal with instead of just 1. I'm pretty disappointed about this seemingly rushed decision because a couple of people don't like the underground deed aesthetic to be honest.
  3. In the right click menu - Has anyone mentioned that having Examine and Emotes as icons, and other actions in the standard list format doesn't feel very intuitive? I know a few people that have initially wondered where emotes had gone, and I've personally accidentally clicked "Equip" instead of "Examine" a few times. I'm sure I'll get used to it, but it just doesn't feel very natural in my opinion.
  4. Rumble sounds... Very out of place in the Wurm world.
  5. Reposting this with a working gif: In the skills window, you're unable to drag the window using the gap in the window between the Skills tab and the minimise/close tab. However on the chat window, you can drag from this area. I'd personally prefer it if you could drag any window using this empty space.
  6. I feel like the colours used for active and inactive tabs are the wrong way round. When I see a grey tab, I assume that it can't be selected, presumably because it's the currently selected/active tab. However in this UI grey is used for the inactive tab, and is therefore "clickable". The coloured tab (friends in the below example) looks like it is meant to be clicked on, but is actually the active tab. I also feel like incoming messages being highlighted in blue isn't eye catching enough.
  7. A few minor issues for me: 1. In the skills window, you're unable to drag the window using the gap in the window between the Skills tab and the minimise/close tab. However on the chat window, you can drag from this area. I'd personally prefer it if you could drag any window using this empty space. This gif highlights the issue better than words can: 2. The gap between the skill numbers and the border is too narrow. . 3. My client defaulted with 110% UI scale, which seemed far too big. 90% seems like a much better default setting.
  8. When you try and level the ground as a priest, but do not have the required body stats to do so, it still reduces your faith. Here's a gif to demonstrate: Note that this was on the test server, I don't know for sure if this is on the live server too.
  9. Another raid window concern: The prospect of being on a deed when a raid window expires and a whole raid force becoming trapped there is worrying. I can imagine the defending kingdom logging in alts with the sole purpose of building wooden fences to block deed exits. With the limited raid time already in place due to the window, you'll then also be wasting significant amounts of time chasing alts around, making sure they don't pop up a wooden fence. Or perhaps "bait deeds", or deeds blocking natural bottlenecks, where they're easy to pass, but as soon as you do you get blocked in by an impenetrable wooden fence.
  10. A suggestion regarding raid windows that I haven't thought through very much, so feel free to shoot it down: Perhaps have a deed's raid window length increase the further out from the starter deed it is? So you could choose to deed near the relative safety of the starter deed zone, but you would be further away from the action. Or you could strategically place your deed further away from the starter deed (for example a war deed, or area denial deed), but that would be have a much larger raid window (or no window at all). I don't think people are particularly upset when a war deed gets raided, as that's basically what they're there for.
  11. Essentially, no matter how weak reinforcements are, you won't have the time to dig down, open a mine, tunnel, mine through the reinforcements, etc, when the defenders can just have wagons ready to be moved in a minute. And once the wagon reaches the non-raid-window deed, the tunnel will be blocked by an impenetrable underground door. And that's assuming you know where their mine system is.
  12. The off-deed reinforcements may be easy to break through, but the underground stone door blocking the passage to the loot will be under a raid window, and therefore impenetrable.
  13. This wouldn't prevent people from permanently keeping artifacts (for example) stored in a deed that always has a raid window active. People could just ensure they move the artifacts (or whatever) via the mine system regardless of whether they're being raided or not. But as mentioned in the above 2 posts, area denial is my primary concern at the moment.
  14. It's good to see effort being put in to make raid windows work, but I still have concerns regarding the following: 2 deeds next to each other connected by a mine. Both with different raid windows. If you raid one, all items can be moved to the other, and it can be used as an impenetrable hop. Area denial in general will be incredibly easy. Being able to block land bridges with wooden shacks, etc. (Remember same Kingdom alts planting deeds to bypass tower chaining restrictions) Are you still able to lockpick outside of the raid window? if so then that would slightly negate the area denial issue, whilst not causing any issues for larger deeds, I guess?