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  1. Something that might concern you, Retrograde - I believe by default steam excludes "mature" content when searching. This means that Wurm online isn't visible when searched the steam store using the default steam search preferences. (You can literally search "Wurm Online" and it returns 0 results). If it's possible to remove the mature content tag from Wurm Online, that would really help its visibility. The fact that Wurm Unlimited isn't considered "mature content" surely means that Wurm Online isn't either?
  2. Speaking as someone who owns 3 player god accounts: A difficult, but necessary change in my opinion. This has always been one of the key areas of imbalance in this game. It was always obvious that the player gods feature had not been fully thought through before being introduced. However, I do feel this will also need a further rebalance of the original gods to ensure BL is not overly crippled without access to these player god spells. For example, genesis and nimbleness.
  3. A suggestion regarding starting people with higher skill: Instead of starting every skill at 10 or 15 and having that as the new "0", perhaps allow people to start with 10 or 15 skill in a select few skills that they would choose at the start. This could also utilise a "skill package" system. For example, the "Smithing Package" would start them with 15 skill in Mining, Blacksmithing and Weaponsmithing. These packages would help to stop new players from being overwhelmed by the large choice of skills, whilst still allowing them to specialise in something and feel like they have a role early on. I also like your idea of slowing down skill gain after 20 for non prems, instead of a hard cap, that could really help with player retention.
  4. What did PvPers ever do to you? Wait, don't answer that...
  5. Now you see why people wanted all the physical damage reduction buffs removed on Epic
  6. I've been having frequent crashes when starting up Wurm using the new launcher. I'd say it crashes around 50% of the time, after clicking play, during the looading screen with the standard windows error message: Looking at the Windows event logs, it has this to say: Faulting application name: WurmLauncher64.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x5d271145 Faulting module name: ntdll.dll, version: 10.0.17763.592, time stamp: 0x0f1b8afd Exception code: 0xc0000374 Fault offset: 0x00000000000fb049 Not having problems starting any other programs, and haven't had this issue with Wurm before so I assume it's a problem with the new client. Any ideas?
  7. So the experiment where reducing everyone's damage reduction, but keeping things like Truestrike is working out well. People with top end accounts are being hit for 40+% damage. Is it time to just remove Sorcery abilities? Or at least the main offenders? The removal of Truestrike had massive support in this very thread previously, I don't think anyone will be upset when it's gone:
  8. Sure, Epic would be challenging, but definitely more entertaining that watching grass grow on Freedom.
  9. It wouldn't have to be included in the short term rework, but if this suggestion or similar solution was even considered for the future, I think that would make a big difference to the longitivity of the Epic cluster. People may argue and say "But skilling is quicker on Epic!". But that ignores the fact life on a PvP server is much tougher. You can't just indefinitely grind, untouchable in your home. Perhaps that evens things out.
  10. +1 Otherwise we'll see a repeat of the last time we had a population surge. Once deeds are built, gear is made, people will start asking themselves "why am I playing on this server?". People enjoy Epic, they just don't want to feel like they're missing out on skill. Which is what's happening with the one way transfer system.
  11. Or at least standing on your horse.
  12. Remember it's often a loud minority screaming for things like faith reset. Priests are already going to be at a disadvantage as they won't be able to help as much with the scramble to make new gear, build new deeds etc. Why make it so they can't even do the one thing they're good at - casting spells?
  13. As per: Libila has lost the disintegrate spell on Epic, possibly on Chaos too but I haven't checked.
  14. Admittedly this probably wasn't the best thread in which to highlight this potential issue. However I still can't see any specific mention within in the patch notes regarding the removal of disintegrate. Perhaps this was an unintentional change?