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  1. As per: Libila has lost the disintegrate spell on Epic, possibly on Chaos too but I haven't checked.
  2. Increase libila passives

    Admittedly this probably wasn't the best thread in which to highlight this potential issue. However I still can't see any specific mention within in the patch notes regarding the removal of disintegrate. Perhaps this was an unintentional change?
  3. Increase libila passives

    I'm struggling to find the patch notes where it says that disintegrate was removed from Lib. The only mention of disintegrate I can find is here (, where it actually specifies that all priests on PvP servers should have access to it. Can someone confirm whether it was intentionally removed, or if it is in fact a bug?
  4. A New Elevation

    Is anyone actually in favour of keeping tome abilities/effects on new elevation? Could be a quick win, just disabling that whole feature.
  5. A New Elevation

    If "full reset" includes a skill reset and a wipe of the home servers, there's going to be a lot less support for it than there was for the Elevation wipe.
  6. WTS Gold / Silver Coins [SOLD]

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  10. WTS Gold / Silver Coins [SOLD]

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  12. A New Elevation

    In the latest dev stream, the following question and answer came up: Q: "Is a skill reset on epic on the table for updates later on down the line." A: "Down the line there will be large changes like that, yes, but not any time in the next few months." Can this be expanded on further@Retrograde? I know I'm not alone when I say, I do not want a skill reset on the server which I have spent the last 7/8 years playing. And people are going to want to know if their years of playing are going to be undone, whether or not it's "in the next few months". Personally I feel that the people demanding skill resets would probably be better off with a Challenge-esque server cluster where they can fight with sticks in perpetuity. Although I'm guessing Challenge was stopped for a reason?
  13. WTS Gold / Silver Coins [SOLD]

    170s remaining.
  14. WTS Gold / Silver Coins [SOLD]

    20s sold, 200s remaining.
  15. A New Elevation

    Looking good, I'm getting some real old-school wurm pvp vibes from this update, what with the hell horse changes, less DR, etc. Can I suggest removing (or changing the effect) of things like Frost Salves and Acid Potions? Otherwise, it's just another "must have" that prevents people getting involved quickly.