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  1. Special skins for armour, weapons, etc. Additionally, perhaps make the skins transferrable to Freedom, but make it so they can't be sold (i.e. so they're bound to your account). That way it's also an incentive for people who normally play on Freedom to go over to the PvP server and participate in Valrei missions to make their Freedom character look more unique.
  2. Has there been an email sent round to notify people of this sale? A lot of players/ex-players don't check the forums.
  3. Is this what was imagined when raid windows were implemented @Darklords? For context - that's an impenetrable wardeed in the middle of Defiance with a couple of mine hops dotted around it. Pretty much a PvP blackhole.
  4. This especially. Last night's fight probably wouldn't have lasted half as long if the winners of the initial skirmish were able to just loot up and go home. But because we had to loot both friendly and enemy gravestones, JK had plenty of time to gather up and attack again, with the added incentive of regaining their own lost gear.
  5. If the idea is to blur the lines between Priests and Non-priests, perhaps it should be combined with this suggestion from Sindusk: Also, quite a bit of consideration would need to go into balancing the follower spells due to the number of potential casters. For example in my opinion the Tremors suggestion for Vynora ("Small AoE stun") sounds like it would be too powerful.
  6. Bug related to the Defiance change where equipping armour cancels a spell cast:
  7. The recent PvP/Defiance patch changed it so equipping armour when casting a spell causes the spell to cancel. However moving armour in or out of a group within your inventory also incorrectly causes the spell to cancel. See here for an example:
  8. I'm sorry but you really don't understand the current situation on Defiance. Oblivionreaver's post does a good job of summarising the reasons people choose to grind on PvE instead - it's not because people are scared of being looted.
  9. PoK isn't even available on Defiance as level 9 is the maximum meditation level there. There's currently no way to get that 25% bonus on Defiance. As you said, having the skillgain bonus linked to meditation skill would be a good change.
  10. There's a reason that opinion isn't expressed too often. Why would you be against improvements being made to any part of the game? Just because that part doesn't appeal to you? Adding incentives for people to play on PvP servers isn't forcing you to do anything. Balancing the playing field by giving people who want to PvP the ability to play on PvP servers without disadvantaging themselves is not going to negatively affect you. There's a million reasons Epic's not doing too well, and the skill gain bonus isn't one of them.
  11. This PvP update doesn't fix the fact that NFI PvE servers are still the best place to grind. Once again, they still have PoK 25% skillgain bonus, Vynora bonus, the ability to sell the stuff they make and then buy sleep bonus, etc. A chance for additional sleep bonus from hunting or whatever isn't going to incentivise people to play on Defiance when they can have all of the above guaranteed on PvE. I've said it a million times now, but the solution to this is really a general increase to the skillgain on Defiance, perhaps linked to meditation level (not path).
  12. And your solution to fireheart being seemingly overpowered is to remove every other PvP option available to priests and make them a one trick pony? "Your job is to sit at the back and cast fireheart. That's it." There're already several much better solutions suggested in this thread.
  13. I really hope it doesn't need to be said, but the above changes would make priests next to useless in PvP. The idea that priests can sit back in a support "glass cannon" type roll does not fit into the reality of Wurm PvP in the slightest.
  14. Will there be a further updates/points of discussion in this thread before the big patch on the 23rd? Has the issue/solution quoted below (regarding incentive to grind on Defiance) been considered any more?