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  1. Bring back battle unicorns
  2. Namekat tightens his velcro shoes
  3. To be fair if you branded me I'd probably run away too
  4. Hellhorses should set wagons and carts on fire when they age
  5. I am a peasant and never pay upkeep I'd probably just live in a tent if not for group deeds. I guess I do paying in charm and good looks.
  6. Gary whines wwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more he should be in that picture
  7. Better to just spawn the loot in my inventory and skip the rift altogether.
  8. What if we make it so the helm does not glow but the rest of the set does. Everyone can be happy!
  9. Map is too big for the number of people playing Too many buffs stack and stack and stack and stack There is no way to stop rare gear/ moon metal/ drake/ scale from piling up Every time something can be abused it is as much as possible 50% of the player base have the basic social skills of a bacon cheeseburger
  10. Some of my pizza was moved outside so I have to go find it.