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  1. Hi, I want to auction a QL ~70 rare exquisite Meditation rug. Starting Bid: 1 Silver Increasement: 1 Silver Buyout: 15 Silver Item can be mailed. It´s in Xanadu i20 Whitefay Aevum View.
  2. Hi, I want to sell an unfinished rare large cart. That means it can be mailed. Not mailable. Starting Bid: 1 Silver Buyout : 15 Silver Start is now and will take 5 days. The unfinished cart is on Xanadu i20 (Whitefay). Item sold
  3. Hi, WTB 30 Silver via paypal. Pm me ingame "Ephelant".
  4. Thanks alot, didn´t know that. Wiki didn´t say anything about this.
  5. Hi, I want to buy a Longbow QL 90 with the enchants : Circle of cunning,nimbleness and bloodthirst. Im at i20 near whitefay. I will only go about 2 grid tiles from that point. Maybe a bit more to south,east or just west. I know that there are people on Vrock selling high quality bows, but im not willing to travel there. Send your offer via Pm or post here please.
  6. Hey there, i wanted to know and kindly ask if you could implement a feature that would let me see how much time I need to reach a certain level. Like: [16:45:22] Body control increased by 0,000587 to 23,02578 and the assistant shows me the average time of getting to a certain level like 31. It shows me then "You need 44852 ticks like the last skill increase to reach Skill level 31." Because of that, you need an average of 172 Days to reach Level 31 of Body control." ᕗຈل͜ຈ༽ᕗ
  7. Hey there, Aevum View is providing supplies that can be picked up.We only deliver to places around i20. What can you get from us? Wagons - 1 Silver Dirt 13k - 1 Silver per 1k Horses 3 Speeders 10 copper 7k garlic QL 82 - 1.30 Silver per 1k Garlics. 1k Pumpkins QL 80 - 1.30 Silver per 1k Pumpkins. 6k Onions QL 82 1.30 Silver per 1k Onions. 1k Wheat QL 78 1.30 Silver per 1k Wheat. 50 Kg QL 76 Iron lump. 1k Cotton QL 80 - 30 Copper per 100 cotton 100 Hides QL 72 - Meditation rugs,Ships and more on demand.
  8. *last bump before it gets auctioned*
  9. Bump Price for this account is at 50€ now.