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  1. Client bug with java error

    As an update, none of the suggested fixes were working (thanks for trying Griffith and others) Did a windows recovery with saving my own files (That deletes java, adobe etc also discord, teamspeak but games) I can run high settings and no longer hide from any female in local. This tropic can be closed
  2. Client bug with java error

    Have tried to instal java on the same disk as wurm, it still crashes with the same errors.
  3. Client bug with java error

    My screenshot folder has nothing in it, expect that one for the fps picture. @griffith If i do a fresh start of my pc, open nothing only wurm it will still tell give me the java error with others in local and java is on C it's always been on the C disk
  4. Goodday to all, As title mentions my client will crash with a javaerror, before further detail some pc info: Processor: Intel i7-4790k CPU 4GHz Ram: 16 GB, 64bit Nvidia Geforge GTX 970, latest build Java 8, latest build The client can run on the lowest settings (no animations, no glow of rares etc) untill a female toon pop up. Taking ingame screenshots will also crash the game. The link below has a crash log for F11 crash, crash log with female toon in local, a normal start and exit (without any toons in local) and a picture of the fps i get from a dxdiag and both setting folders i used during these crashes. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1as9db6NjLkxVrowICFrfcVUF3i1-KZUQ This isnt the first post about this topic, several people already had a go at this, all previous methods had no succes in overcoming this error. The java version is 8 and on the latest build, drivers are on the latest build aswell, the error keeps happening when ever a female character loads in or the LoD is turned on or most of the otherwise disabled settings in the "med working" config are turned on.
  5. client crash's when female enters local

    Hallo Keenan, after doing above mentioned changes (reinstalling java, wurm client) using 64 bit java.
  6. Client crashing with female toons

    another crash but from exploring a little while.
  7. Client crashing with female toons

    Updated graphics driver to latest, crash still happens. New console file below. The crash also happens after exploring for a little while
  8. Client crashing with female toons

    Maybe after the hotfix is a bit to soon, did verify (it reloaded files) it crashed again.
  9. Client crashing with female toons

    Since it didn't work, here is the console.puin.log right after crash and before relogging.
  10. Client crashing with female toons

    After having multiple people entering,leaving and logging in my local. my crash happens once female charaters log in
  11. Hello Wurmians, As of late I'm having a strange problem with my client, where it would freeze up and crash itself if other join my local. Using 16GB ram, Lowered all settings in the wurm client like water details, range items, trees I tried several versions of java newer ones older ones (all 64-bit tho) nothing seems to help. As long as no one enters my local i can play just fine, dont crash with every account entering my local but once it gets to a few accounts in local I will crash. Anyone know a way against this? After a while I noticed a pattern of only getting a crash once female toons enter local.
  12. PC Vyn Priest(CLOSE)

    As for price i would say about 90s tho, it has some decent channeling but for priests to be really worth it they need 80+ doesnt got an oke farming but no way to make its own favor. its SD isnt all to high either and it has no carp,bs,etc to help make bulk while main does something else
  13. -1 next thing you know, he'll suggest its for non prem accounts only... Fight like a man dont hide behide your dirtwalls
  14. Woolen Priest Robes

    hail the sheep!
  15. Day Night Compass