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  1. Desolation V5 Anarchy

    One of the best pvp server closed. Had some awesome mods and nice skilling rate. No need to waste years to enjoy pvp. Guess grinding is what all people love in Wurm, Still was a blast till the last day. Enjoy all and god bless Wurm pvp.
  2. Desolation V5 Anarchy

    Was nice to pvp with Hakameda and group. Since i was fighting 1v3, therefore the deaths. They gave my gear back and i helped them with meals and stuff. Nice care bear pvp going on. Just need some good numbers on this awesome map.
  3. Very nice. Will look great on Deso. Join White legion today
  4. Desolation V5 Anarchy

    Gm working on the issues. We need to sit tight. Nice and fast response from nappy.
  5. Desolation V5 Anarchy

    Looks nice. Thanks
  6. Merry Christmas eh ! Present to all Xanadu players to go out and have fun.
  7. [00:35:17] Chloedancer slain by Theman Durnik Yeeahzz Guys got the kill before i could reach there.
  8. Well it was nice skirmish but lots of guards? By the time 2 templars came, you 4 had already got the kill. So fair fight 3v4 and us having a good defensive advantage. Waiting for you once u came back from depot. Until then all should sac pumpkins man. 30 cap is too looooowww
  9. Same error coming for my friend when he plan to join. I did support ingame. lets hope we fix this issue quickly so more players can have the fun we are having.
  10. [21:48:06] MOTD:Gentlemen ways are over. JK stopped respecting the bodys
  11. Went for a 2v1 again today at Hota. Sadly had to run as Chloe wounded me severely. Still awesome time.
  12. As the title states. Give us your pvp videos and views. Even if u fail a raid or make some funny mistakes. Always happy to do PVP in Wurm.
  13. PM me offers! Thanks for looking!