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  1. 8s, i guess iwon o: please mail i to me when you have a chance, @ Leilue
  2. +1 i've been crying for capes in general...
  3. i'll pay 1g for the black drake O; nm i read this wrong -__- scale is what i read somehow
  4. Hello everyone, if you happen to have any rare green clothing parts, i would love to buy them. Can either reach me at Leilue on indi, or just mail me the item with your price lol note, i'll aslo buy the rare cloth gloves and boots : ) I currently have and don't need the: - rare Green Cloth pants - rare cloth tunic - 1x rare cloth glove
  5. Hello! my 66 digging just doesn't dig it! : ) Can i hire you to level 2 tiles for around10 minutes of time, i have the dirt. Also.. if this isn't a bother, i have this area that has roughly 9 tile at an increasing slope, maxes at 211, they are about 15 mins each, though if you get them in the middle you can cut it down in half, can contact me at Leilue, and i live in Indi, south of the freedom market, along the great southern main road : )
  6. Hello, would love to buy any willow 90+ long, medium, and short bows :0, also will buy these if you happen to have them; Chainmail Set, Small Tortoise shield
  7. HI, Anyone have anything nice that will make smashing some old gates, odly placed tower and bulk storage bins less of a pain?. can msg me Leilue, and i live in indi