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  1. Just notices Brambleheim seems to have lost its marketplace symbol. Thanks for keeping this up, Fraskesa. We super appreciate your time!
  2. Back from a 6 month-ish hiatus and I've updated the main thread with a couple more markets I've visited recently, and with extra info supplied in the comments. I've also added a bit more detail about the different kinds of markets they all are for folk who find that information helpful. I'll try and do a fresh circuit around the markets over the next month or so to see how they're all faring and will update/tweak as I find stuff. If any have closed/popped up/expanded/reduced in my absence though (whether yours or ones you've visited) let me know where they are and what they're called and I'll pay 'em a visit when I'm on my rounds.
  3. There's at least 3 with 10+ merchants - mine (Brambleheim) and Kasumi's (Greenwood Market), both on Release, are bricks-and-mortar markets with decorated shops, and Crafter's Legion Market on Xanadu has a dozen merchants run by a small team. NEXA and Club had 10+ prior to RMT ending but I think both are a bit smaller these days. I tend to find (mostly but not always) that the medium markets (6-15 stalls) are usually run by one to four players focusing on curated content and consistent pricing structures - e.g. an armour merchant, a weapons merchant, a tool merchant, a rares merchant etc, while the large markets (16+) have almost always been community markets with lots of players having one or two merchants there (so more chaotic inventories and prices ranging from super cheap to super pricey but more scope for finding something surprising/cool/old/forgotten), and the small markets (1-5) stalls are usually single-player endeavors that either have specialised inventories, or sell all sorts and a new merchant gets added to the lineup every time one runs out of space. So different sized markets are good for different purposes, but bigger isn't necessarily better. Some of the small markets have just two or three merchants but a full inventory of tasty rares, for example, while some of the big community markets have (historically at least) had, say, only half a dozen rare items for sale across two dozen merchants and at prices which haven't been changed in a year or more (for better or worse). But if you're bargain hunting and/or have mid-range equipment you're looking to upgrade piece by piece, big rummage markets can be brilliant for that. Curated markets tend to be more of an experience which you'll either love to bits or not give a crap about - mine and Kasumi's have little shop lined streets with merchants behind counters and 'stocked' shelves lining the walls. Neither of us are much use if you're wanting to rummage for surprise goodies but if you're on the hunt for something beyond enchanted equipment, for example, knowing there are PMK merchants, or furniture merchants or bloods merchants and so on at those markets is super valuable knowledge and we tend to get a handful of regular customers on top of the passing trade. TLDR - I'm here for all markets, big and small, so long as they're user-friendly, accessible and have something worth travelling to experience/buy.
  4. Thanks for taking on the map, Fraskesa! V. small thing, but when next tweaking the map, Brambleheim could do with moving south a little bit -- it centres on west side of the X44 Y27 square but covers about 3 map squares north to south.
  5. Would thoroughly support a toggle option or it not applying to branded animals. Making any event/GM named champs not show by default would mess up most of what I and a bunch of other collectors use our pendulums for every event season, though.
  6. Alrighty folks, I've overhauled and updated the original post with info from the thread - feel free to add/correct coords to this thread and tell us about other marketplaces (i.e. more than one merchant/type of thing stocked) you know to still be active on SFI. Bonus points if you can tell me who manages them. Also - a little ray of hope for everyone who thinks physical markets are dead and #deathtotradechat and all that - Brambleheim has been open a year on one of the quieter servers and not visible from an outer coast, I *still* haven't gotten around to making a forum post to tell people it's there and have only mentioned it in trade chat maybe two or three times since I built it, but it brings in a year's worth of deed upkeep every month on average, so... the market is alive and well, folks! Build those marketplaces (and tell me where to go throw coin at them).
  7. Inbreeding is only a problem if they already have negative traits - it doesn't increase the chance of getting them, only passing them on. So as long as the animals you're breeding don't have negative traits (or have had them taken away with Genesis), you don't need to worry about inbreeding.
  8. I'll have one of the aged ones for the Brambleheim Wildlife Park Can pay silver, or if you're collecting, happy to swap for another fun-sized novelty bison of a different name
  9. Hey Kas, Sorry to hear about your dogs. I've seen a couple of posts over the last month about food decaying faster on the ground than before - I have about 70 cared for creatures on my deeds (mostly GM named ones that can't be replaced) so I've gone and checked all mine out. I seem to have lost a champion wildcat (Tom) - no body, nothing showing up in my animal management tab - just vamoosed. I guess that must've been starvation but there's always food in their pens and I feed them regularly (the wildcats often by hand as well as leaving food on the ground). A couple of my alliance have lost cared for creatures recently too, but I don't know if that was server glitches or starvation. Zakalwe and I noticed last summer when we were running sermons that creatures eat a lot more when they're within a number of tiles of active players - it's smaller than local - maybe 20-30 tiles - whatever range they continue to be active and observable in the event window I guess? One of two main reasons for moving all my creatures to a wildlife park at the other end of the deed was to stop them chomping through 5 meat each in an hour while I pottered about nearby. Don't know if this helps you at all but I've had a lot less healthy cared for creatures suddenly hit starving since I did this. But yeah - all these mentions of cared for creatures dying makes me super anxious. Most of my time and investment in this game has been around finding and making spaces for animals. I hope if this has been the result of a back-end tweak or a bug it gets fixed soon.
  10. Friday bumpity! Still got a handful of happy little christmas critters looking to take part in a cultural exchange program.
  11. I collected a bunch of new GM spawns this year for our wildlife park on Release and, where there was a massive herd or where they were being actively hunted for slaughter, picked up a spare of a few named animals. Looking to trade with other collectors for named animals we don't already have - interested in anything that can be tamed (not dominated). I've got a variety of differently named giant bison and cows, plus sheep, a wildcat, a pheasant and a cave bug. Pop me a message if you want to trade and I'll give you an up to date list of what we have with names or let me know if there's a particular animal type you're after (e.g. giant bison).
  12. sold

    New years gifts that get dropped around the maps on all servers (try near your starter town) for players to find.
  13. There are a whole bunch of threads asking for various new decor items and me, personally, I'd love to see them all in game. But, I know there are other priorities right now and making entirely new things takes time and work when there's other work that more urgently needs doing. Middle ground solution: pretty pretty please let us use beeswax to render an item functionally useless but without/with drastically reduced decay when on deed. Converting the item in this way prevents the mechanic being used as an exploit to get around decay on items, but means that we can make better/any use of some of the beautiful models the art team have created for us that never get seen. For example: A couple of bales of waxed wheat can sit in an animal enclosure to make it look more farm-like A waxed fruit pie can adorn a dining table as a centrepiece without vanishing in a couple of days Archaeology finds in nice metals that will never be used can be waxed and put on display in a museum Your very first weapon that you have a sentimental attachment to but will never use again can sit pride of place in your house A fisherman's prized catch can be displayed on a shelf A couple of books can be left by an armchair or on a side table in someone's cosy library A basket (pile) of waxed fruit or vegetables can sit by a farmyard door A marketplace deed can put different items of clothing or jewellery on display on counters and shelves (without needing to go and repair them every month or so) Starter towns and newbie recruiting villages can be decorated in such a way that makes them look vibrant and alive and full of the possibilities of Wurm with examples of some of the systems and items that so rarely get 'seen' - like cooking, fishing, archaeology, even basic tools that you don't know exist til you make them or discover them, and so on and so on. The effort and resources required to wax items should mean that it isn't so overused it creates a clutter problem for the server, it would give additional uses to beehives which are woefully underused, it would present a lot of legitimate new decor options for people who like to decorate without requiring a heavy load (or any load) of work for the art team to create new models and it would finally allow us to make good use of all the hard work already gone into making models of items than never get placed anywhere, in practice, because of decay.
  14. Buuuuump! Updated the original post with new items I want, crossed off ones I've got and updated the market list. Also! WTT your spare Christmas animals for mine - help me keep expanding the wildlife park!
  15. That's a helpful clarification, thanks Shydow. Since both this post and the patch notes referred to 'imbues' rather than specific imbues, I think there's been a lot of confusion over what's affected. I assume butchering counts as a creation imbue, rather than a gathering imbue, in this instance?
  16. It's not protection in the wilds though; a branded horse that belongs to a deed with leading enabled can be led by anyone, anywhere on that server - on my deed, on someone else's deed, and in the wild.
  17. Yes, please! Chicken coops could be great but instead they just sit abandoned, devoid of chickens, on most deeds that built them.
  18. I found threads in suggestions trying to fix too, and the patch notes from 2015 when it was first changed, apparently.
  19. Posting this bug report as requested by Shydow, though confirmed by other players to have been a problem for some time. When I added a marketplace to my deed and set up these additional perms over a year ago, I asked CAs for confirmation that brand permissions would override deed perms and was told that yes they would, which leads me to believe that this is either an unintended interaction of perms, or was once working correctly and something has since broken. In the past few days while I was away at the Impalong, one of my branded, geared riding horses was taken from my deed. I eventually found it on the other side of the server, pregnant and hitched to someone else's wagon. The problem appears to be that the 'lead' permission on a deed overrides the brand permission for all animals for that deed, no matter where they are. (Obviously we double checked who had perms on the horse in question and the other horses we tested with). We tested a number of scenarios and here is what we have: Lead permissions only affect my branded animals and unbranded animals on my deed - so other people's branded animals are not at risk while on my deed. Any of my branded animals, however, can be led (but not ridden), hitched to carts and wagons, bred with other animals and, if they don't have gear on, can be loaded into cages and taken off server where the brand and deed permissions would both drop. They don't have to be led off-deed to be hitched; it can be done right there. Moreover, all my branded animals are vulnerable anywhere on the server - so if I step off my riding horse anywhere on or off deed, someone else can lead it away. In this instance I was lucky because the horse was equipped and so couldn't be loaded, and because the wagon it was hitched to was unlocked, which allowed me to unhitch it and take it home. We tested on a locked wagon and I couldn't touch it, so wagon perms effectively override branding perms. This has pretty huge implications for us, since we run a deed which includes a marketplace that sells, among other things, animals. Turning 'leading' off on my deed won't fix this issue for me. It means not only can I not leave a horse unattended anywhere on my own server, we'll also have to lock them up in pens on deed when they're not being ridden. It'll have the same knock-on implications for everyone else who has a horse and/or animal market with self-service merchants, and anyone else with 'lead' perms enabled for any reason who thinks that their branded animals are still protected. I can't think of any good reason why deed perms should override brand perms, and both of the CAs who I spoke to seemed quite taken aback by the rather large hole in security. I really hope this *is* a bug, and not an intended mechanic, and so can be addressed.