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  1. Apologies! I seem to have forgotten to update the image last night before bed but the pickaxe sold last night. Sorry!
  2. I was killed last night. attempting to recover body to resume sale Knarr still available
  3. Thanks guys! I've changed my PW via the shop before but didn't realize it was separate from here and that "seems" to have worked. now to solve the error "An established connection was aborted by the host machine" XD but progress is progress! Update: Thats solved too now and I'm in. Thanks again!
  4. I cannot log into my account on the client. I can log in here just fine but not to my character. It says "Incorrect password" no matter how many times I change it and despite the fact that the exact same username and password are what are used to be logged into the website to make this very post. Someone please help as this is getting very frustrating.
  5. 6.5s for yellow 9? Arkadianwarking if you accept Please disregard. Ended up buying a supreme. thank you!
  6. whats the QL and could enchants/runes be added for additional charge or would I need to seek those elsewhere?
  7. I'll take a pair of the elaborate pads please. CoD Arkadianwarking
  8. I would like the following CoD to Arkadianwarking: C65 hammer c66 rake c69 shovel c59 pickaxe c90 large shield ty!
  9. Please CoD to Arkadianwarking 50ql Woa Pickaxe (iron) 50ql CoC Pickaxe (iron) Large anvil with 76CoC 71ql Hammer 80CoC Small Anvil 85CoC 80ql Whetstone 81 CoC Thank you!
  10. Hello, I'm sorry if this counts as a duplicate post but the only other threads touching on the subject were about 4+ months old. I'm playing on the Adventure server with HotS but I can't find the cobra king. I saw someone mention a "Range of sharp mountains west of the HotS starting town" but thats done me no good as ive found about 6 different mountain ranges that could be with no cave. If anyone could please offer some more clues I would be very grateful. Doesn't have to be a detailed set of directions but a map coord like f18 or something would be awesome or something nearby thats a very noticable landmark like the bone altar or a lake or something. Anyway, any help would be awesome. Thanks
  11. I can't thank you enough for this XD i was pulling my hair out with the same problem as the OP. THANKS!