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  1. Wurm team can make all the social media accounts they like and use them to spread the word about this wonderfull game But i also want to join this and it seems like im forced to make a third party account (That i really dont want) to get in on it.
  2. But i signed up for wurm and the related forum why isent that enough to join a competition in wurm?
  3. I love having privacy so i dont use facebook. plz fix this demand for me to join another private company to join a wurm comp plz
  4. Onions 87ql 10k = 7s Wemp 84ql 5k = 3.5s Free delivery to any coast near you (Not Chaos) PM me here or ingame (Zetzu)
  5. WTS Clay

    Wts 12k clay all for 10 silver can deliver but not to chaos Pm me here or in game if you need more than the 12k just pm and we can make a deal
  6. Nw Xan Impalong

    Count me in as carp imper and il make sure to bring some of my wemp collection.
  7. Price is 2.5s for 1k Pickup at R14 Xan Delivery can be arranged if you live close its free Pm me here or ingame (Zetzu)