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  1. I'm not much for "forum ing" lol but could not resist to suggest this idea i have.. We have backpacks, satchels , etc, for the self, why not make some saddlebags for horses so's we can carry a little more than our bodies but not as much as carts, etc,. I can imagine lots of things I could put in my tamed horses saddlebags for when I am traveling to do business abroad but not taking enough to use a cart! Would also be cool to be able have like a tent stashed in my saddlebags (along with other camping gear) for those long trips i need to stop for the wurm night and camp-out till light.. Maybe make them for tamed horses only, or not,, can see an advantage ether way, Anyways, thought i'd try my chances of helping add some to this wonderful game, best I ever plaid in about 20 ta 30 years of playing games on a PC, yes I am an old kid hahaha!! You all keep up the awesomeness! Brant
  2. For those of you have 2nd PC that gets into the game, I copied the packs folder into the PC that's not getting on and that fixed it. I know its not a good fix or practice but anyways, for you addicts that can do it like me, there it is lol GL and happy wurming...
  3. Well its all good and dandy but like all the toys its a lot to do and yall only give us a month! How about extend it to 3 months so's we have time to enjoy all the toys and have time to build what we need to have a real war instead of a bunch of sissy lil raids, I'm saying the time frame to build what we need in order to have a good battle (recruit, build defenses, catch horses for cavalry, cut trees, gathers resources, etc, etc,.), just no time! Ether need to make things a lil simpler to build or give more time, seems to me it would be simpler to just give more time.. 3 months would be sweet!! Anyways just my 2 cent GREAT GAME , Awesome , awesome , awesome