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  1. Isn't there an option for animal breeding? By default it's set for 5, and it feels as though each "week" that the animal says it'll give birth in is about a RL hour.
  2. I have a rope and all that trying to lead a cow and it will not move. I've watched it roam around before and after trying, but when I lead it, she just stands there and will not spin or follow me. Once I stop leading, she'll go back to wandering a minute or 2 later. My permission is set to 0 atm.
  3. anyway to demote and promote myself without having to exit the game, which causes me to have to relaunch the whole server? We need a character select screen or at least not to exit the launcher when going into the game.
  4. Also, not getting ore if I spawn in an ore vein, it just says the mine is depleted and 1 more hit causes it to disappear, dropping a single rock shard.
  5. Anyone know why whether I'm tunneling or mining it only takes one action that doesn't even have a timer? It's as if I have the ebony wand equipped or something which isn't the case. The pickaxe is taking damage and I'm still getting only 1 xp. But only 1 shard drops and the whole wall is gone.
  6. Now that I know some of you are in already, is there a 100% answer on mutliboxing? Anyone figure out if you can run multiple clients in offline or whatever other tricks? Edit: For the record, not looking for ways of cheating the systems in terms that I will buy how ever many copies are necessary. I just want to be able to play 2-4 characters on the same computer whatever it takes.
  7. Understandably not getting much info on possible dual boxing or playing without a steam client but rather through a steam log in or something so I'll have to pass on the sale and purchase after it comes out. You guys promise to fill us in all these details??
  8. While I do miss this community (aside from the always present crap that goes down like earlier in this thread) I would like to take full advantage of WU and haven't played WO in 2 years, so no I won't be back and I know that. Has there been any more info on possible dual or multiboxing?
  9. My biggest issue with this is are we for sure going to be able to log in with different steam accounts? I have no issue paying for multiple copies and will plan on paying for about 6 copies if it's possible. But multi-boxing is essential imo for this game and if I can't have multiple accounts going at the same time, regardless of how many steam accounts and purchases it requires, it's a no go.
  10. Sold

    how do you get the skills to show up as different colors? Looking to maybe sell my characters.
  11. Paying more has never been the problem for me... paying more for all the alts we have is my only problem, if this game is going to be "competitive" with other games in pricing, it should be competitive with versatility and allow us to have more characters.