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  1. Fair how..4 servers voting against two servers who mainly dont want joined..heeh..yeah fair how? should be those of us who lives here's choice!
  2. More a case of not wanting your egotistical jackbutts here at all for any reason. we do just fine without you all Thank You.
  3. NO NO NO WE DONT WANT IT Quoting ROLF Posted 18 January 2013 - 01:48 PM The new servers will be joined with the existing freedom cluster when it's time, which I don't see happening in many months. Someone asked if it could take 2 years, and yes there is no set time limit, but I have a hunch that it's going to happen before that. If people on those servers strongly oppose to joining until then and there are no other strong reasons to keep the cluster together that's how long it may take. I think many of you can make advanced estimates out of this information and since I don't have any more at the moment that's what we have to live with. If you absolutely _have_ to know because you can't plan otherwise.. I suggest you.. reconsider We may add some checkbox that players on those servers can click which shows if they're opposed or pro joining. This will give a good indicator. http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/73972-a-comment-on-joining-the-pristinerelease-servers-with-the-other-servers/ What happened to PRISTINE/RELEASE ONLY VOTE! 4 servers vs two..yeah that is fair (did ya catch the sarcasm there)
  4. ROFL and more days of testing would have shown a server loading problem how?
  5. Nope..16 e will get you premium AND first deed, you get 2s for first time premiuming, another 6 silverfor selling a referral, AND 4 more for those two sleep powders! that totals 2 mos premium AND 12 silver right off without purchasing any additional silvers. In fact it is much cheaper to do this than it is to purchase silvers. Just sayin!
  6. OK..umm isnt that the same time two newbie only servers were released, thus forcing old players to create new alts to play on them, therefor artificially inflating shown 'membership' numbers...Look at the unique IP chart for the same timeframe! sorry but I dont see any additional 'players' at all.
  7. Heck yes. Especially when one long time player can ruin a reputation calling you a griefer, talk their idiot cronies into kosing you, even tho GMs clearly and publically stated the action you took was NOT griefing, THEN to add to that said long time player follows you to a new server and continues the harrassment by planting a deed on the new server right next to yours and starting their same crap over again claiming in answer to the /support call that they have legitimate reasons for keeping the 'new' deed which is still not developed at all nearly two years later! Name change would prevent quitting due to such actions! NO to history from afar either!
  8. OH and BTW...was he 'good for the game' when this was posted on OTHER websites? Unfortunately we will not be playing @wurmonline any longer because of my wrongful banning. Serious shame, we had huge plans. I purchased a whole year of premium of @wurmonline and was banned a day later. I'm sorry but I honestly can't support a game like that. Read more: http://vortacvids.proboards.com/thread/4714/bashur-banned-wurm#ixzz2gtFGbbZ5 Yep that surely HELPED the reputation of wurm right?
  9. I wish a name change in ref to http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/60879-response-to-lies/ was clearly stated that GM's did not consider my actions griefing, yet one person still turned a few others against me with balatant lies calling me a 'griefer' publicly AND followed me to another server placing a KOS deed right beside me which was never developed ( and two years later still isnt) but claimed to have a 'valid reason' for keeping said deed, even tho NOTHING I ever did was griefing or against the rules in any way...Id even asked GM's prior to taking the action which I was then labeled a 'griefer' for taking... THank You, Ill be awaiting your PM to get the new name from me. Grankor
  10. one answer..longer time... gains are timer based, not action based...more actions doesnt equal faster gains. Slower timers = faster skillgain
  11. Love this part....sort of tellling those of us who play on Pristine and Release that our opinions/wants/and reasons for moving to said servers dont count...Exactly the reason many of us hope they are NEVER connected to keep such players with these attitudes out. -1
  12. I would +1 that suggestion for sure if it comes up. Sounds like a very useful way to use enlightenment.
  13. ROFL..isnt that exactly what epic is now..?
  14. I don't macro, however, I have seen the anti macro part of the server a couple times..asks a randomish question...sometimes a multiple choice..sometimes other types... Has ALWAYS been when mashing the 'mine_forward' button repeatedly. I'm not for a last action button at all...random menu locations and current measures have made it so I personally see far fewer macroers than in most games of this sort...and I'm on at least 16 hrs a day every day.....I think the anti macro solutions therefore have to have had some impact. Im sure there are some who have written macros, Id also offer there are few......it is human nature to brag if you will somewhere about a macro one has made...searching for 'macros gamename' or 'autoit game name" usually comes up with a string of sites....not so for Wurm and is one reason I began playing... Simply is illogical to think if it were widespread with wurm someone would not be sharing their 'work'...is the nature of rule breakers to brag somewhere about what they have done....
  15. GM Had to come out cause I filed a ticket heh....and filled ye hole....and sealed yer entrance....TY..tell the entire truth if ya gonna sling mud...furthemore I didn't bash any doors....never...ever.and repeatedly told the one who was to stop....NOR did we try to break into any mine......Was assumed (Incorrectly) that you all were mining from the other direction as the hole was still being dug when I sent the support ticket......( so the mine couldn't have been under it yet)..... DID begin a shaft heading east to put up reinforcing beams to 10 tiles east of deed.....AFTER repeatedly asking what the hole was...and to stop digging it directly in front of gatehouse...As the GM stated " there is a whole mountainside here..No reason whatsoever to dig this close to a gatehouse.. Lock before any more slander can be spewed