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  1. Yay ^^ ty not sure how to lock or close this though.. lol
  2. Hello o/ What happened: I was planting trees on a deed that had permissions turned off to plant by selecting 'plant in center'. When I tried to plant 'naturally' I got the error message saying the deed did now allow such actions. I did test myself to see if planting in center would give me the same message, it didn't, instead started planting the sprout. I expected: To get told no once I realized I was on deed. To reproduce: Take a tree sprout and try planting naturally on a deeded tile. This should tell you no since the permissions are turned off (and not a member of the deed). Then try same sprout and same tile with plant in center. I was using a lemon and rose sprout if that is important. Thankyou for your time reading this
  3. Hey It works now, not sure what fixed it but I can move items onto the tile now and take them off :3 yaaay. So that's good news right Aeris? Less décor problems and come on, don't give up ;p Can't improve a game if all the players grumble to themselves without offering a few suggestions of improvement. Ty to all who responded to my thread
  4. There is two (planted) bsbs, a floor loom, candelabra and one large chest on the first floor. When I cleared out the area underneath I still could not move anything in this one spot. Everywhere else that doesn't have armor stands or coffers is ok
  5. Hello What happened : When I tried to push/pull a coffer onto a tile that already had a coffer and two armor stands I got the message "That place is too littered with decorations already." The spot I'm trying to decorate only has about 7 items on it, second floor with 2 planted bsbs under it and a few other items. Same with any other item I tried to put onto the tile (a small colorful carpet and bear rug). When I tried to 'work around it' by unloading items from a cart directly onto the tile the items would unload, but now I can't pull anything off the tile. Then because the carts glitch through the floor when you embark them it's nearly impossible to clear the tile. What I expected : I had hoped I could just pull a coffer and some armor stands onto the floor edge To reproduce : Have a coffer and two armor stands on a tile then try to add another of anything. Push/pull or unload from a cart. Not sure if it being on a second floor, or a woodplank floor would make a difference.
  6. Greeting People of Wurm! For sell is, 1k of planks, low ql and pinewood for 1.5 silver 1 rare bsb, 20ql, Pine - 1.5 for the above items please PM Denafig ingame if you wish to buy rare lantern sold or, if a lantern isn't your style, I will make large or small crates, 10c per. All you have to do is come down. (crates not available on demand, order needs to be placed ahead of time) PM Isleana or post here 7,200 dirt for 1s per 1k of dirt. PM Rockhopper ingame for details *No delivery will be made to PvP servers
  7. Starting Bid: 5s Min. Increase: 1s Buyout: 15s Hidden Reserve: It's a secret Sniper Protection: 1 hour Cannot be mailed [20:01:21] The longsword will not fit in the spirit castle. Located at Agate Keep 10, Q ingame map for pick up or delivery fee based on location Long sword sold to PlaugeB
  8. Rockhopper and Isleana also here to fight