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  1. Skull Kingdom PvP is now open !

    Server is now updated to latest release. The only server side mod I could not get working is TimerFix. I also swapped the creature demo mod with agro creature mod so that should work now. You will need to download the new clientMods Pack. I created a nice little zip file with the most current mods, as well as agros mod load which are compatable to the server. Link to Said File can be found here. Just click the 'Client Mod Download' at the top of the page.
  2. [N/A]

    I was one of those people who suffered though the wipe, but I didnt feel it was fair to the new player base that not only did you restore all out skills, you also summoned all those combat rating potions to the old player base. It certainly was your decision to do that. but you are proving my point that, your old user base or friends will have an unfair advantage against any new player on the servers you run. This is my last post as I have proven my point, You have confirmed it with your own posts, and now everyone knows there is more to you then that half truths you have been saying.
  3. [N/A]

    heres one question .. did you or did you not summon magical chests full of armor , and combat potions for your old player base from your previous server? and before you say you gave them to everyone .. dont lie .. you told us the reason you gave them to some players, is they lost all their skills from the previous server. should anyone play on this server, Not enless they are a friend of yours. Then they will reap all the rewards, and you can blame others for the things you were doing yourself.
  4. [N/A]

    @RiftsOfConflictI see that you have created a new user march 29th. This is wolfraiser, I joined your discord again so I know its you.. Dont worry I dont care if you ban me again. But I see you have to keep creating new names on the forums and discord because you keep burning your bridges behind you. Some other names your known by are Kaycha, Artcore, WorfRaiser, Vox Populi (to those in his discord, just click the username vox Populi, and you will see that its registered to wolfRaiser), You attacked my server in the forums, with no other 'real' reason then we left your previous one to build our new current one. So how about I reveal, to the world why you felt if necessary to create a new user by the name of RiftsOfConflict, instead of using your old previous account to post this like most other players do. 1. You have anger issues 2. you keep shutting down your servers after 2 months. 3. If you get upset you will ban users weather or not they did something wrong. 4. This is the 4th attempt to run a server since october of 2017. You keep shutting them down, and again the theme is every time you get angry. 5. You give advantages to your friends on your servers, like hike up the skill and action rate when the server starts and all your friends join, then lower it when new users come to the server when all your skills are up so that you and your friends can get ahead. 6. the last server 'you' summoned in game magical chests to everyone with spy glasses, full suit of armor, and combat rating potions. But not to the new users that were not on your previous servers. So you are show favoritism to your select group of friends. I know this because I used to be one of your short lived friends, with your phone number ect. 7. when you see a user leave your server and set up his own server, you will do everything your power to try and sabotage their progress, and invite your friends to do the same. So you will hold grudges and do everything in your power to be self destructive. 8. For anyone who played on his previous server, He named it 'The Wakening Lands'. You have seen his banning rampage, and his anger issues. Wolf, I am only showing your the same courtesy you have shown me, Otherwise I wouldnt have even posted on this forum. Truth is, when I was helping you run your server and giving you loads of ideas on how to build the foundation, your server went up to 17 active players, you took all the credit, then when my group decided to leave you droped down to 12 players, thats when your server started to die, you started making decisions there after that alienated more players, then it dropped to 5. I still had friends in your discord, and you flew off the handle yet again and threatened to shut down the server. As a result, the last of your player base left for another server. (I wonder if you will accuse them of cheating if you see one of them start a server) For your last 2 weeks you had only one player on it from time to time. Probably you. Truth is your not fit to run a server. You do not have the experience in wurm unlimited, building maps, or managing the players you have. People will come and people will 'leave' get over it. You would be better off just playing the game, and not running a server and you know it, thats why you have created so many alias' and pretended to be someone. as for everyone else. I would advise everyone not to join this server or to help gm this server, because as soon as you leave, He will fly off the handle and get so mad that people will have to tell him to calm down on discord, while you wonder if he is going to keep the server up. If his server fails, and it will fail, enless he gets his anger problems in check, he will blame you as the reason the server shut down. But if you do any work for him, He will take all the credit and wont even mention your name, enless you leave his server, then you will be come the reason it failed. Ultimately the decision is yours, but you have been warned.
  5. Skull Kingdom PvP is now open !

    I am one of the owners of the server skull kingdom. So I guess im being accused of abusing my gm status on his old server, by summoning items ect, Im sorry that anyone visiting this page has to view all this drama. All we wanted to do was advertise a server for new pvp people to join in if they would like to. The issue with him calling us a cheater, is really his issue with us leaving his TWL server. but just to clear this up, I was given permission to summon glimmer steel and summon the magical chest. Both times I never got banned, for the sole reason that I had his permission to do so. for anyone who cares, here is the last text messages between me and wolf. I asked him what I did to him that got him so angry, and his response was (paraphase) im leaving his server. despite wolfs attempt to try and sabotage this server as it gets loaded up, I still wiped out the last for digits of his phone number. as for everyone else, If you want to join our server, the door is open. If this server isnt for you, then that is ok too. I am considering opening up my teamspeak server to everyone that wants to join, so we can chat while pvping. @Ajaxz I can certainly understand your issue with esp. And to be honest, I dont like it either. If I knew a way to disable it completely from my server, I would do it without a second thought. now with that said, let me explain why I am allowing it for everyone despite my feelings on it that you seem to share. This is a pvp server and there are no really good detection methods that I am aware of to figure out if someone is using it. I do know that because of the nature of the server, even if I say no esp, people will still end up using it, and thus have an advantage against other players who do not have it on/installed. So I removed the advantage 3 ways: 1. xrays from esp no longer works, on my server I have disabled sending of ores that are not exposed so xrays is useless. This also affects live-map mod, and makes prospecting a useful skill again. 2. the local range for players that can show up on the esp, is reduced from 80 tiles to 40 tiles. So players need to be relatively close anyways. 3. I have custom creatures on the map like panda bears ect, that though they are hostile, they show up as blue to confuse the esp on what is hostile and not. I will continue to find better detection methods to combat esp, but until that time comes, the best I can do is weaken its ability to work and make sure no player has an advantage over another. I hope this makes sense to you. If not others can see my reasons for allowing it, though it can be taboo.
  6. Cthulhu 4K PVP Map

    Thank you so much for creating this map. I am currently running this on my pure pvp server atm and my players love this map.
  7. Unity

    yah. id say its a good start. the engine handles things like culling, collision detection, and physics. so you can focus more on building your game. they also have good documentation. you just have to get used to how the engine works and start a small project. I can help you start if you want too. teach some basics. also pure java wont work with unity. they use thier own JavaScript. but like I said the documentation is pretty good. if you want me to help teach just sign up on my forums. im there more often. anyone else looking for help on unity im willing
  8. Unity

    im creating my online game in unity right now. its early alpha. but you can create accounts, terraform terrain ect. runs right in the browser. unity is more limited to the users ability to program. im saying that becuase I have seen lots of post and reviews stating unity cant do xxxxxx. when it would be more accurate to say the user doesnt know how to program in it. the first month was hard for me as I had to get around the way the engine works. I was used to game maker. but now that I got past learning the engine. I would recommend unity 100%. I have also used torque and game studios . but find unity3d can do it all faster, at least for me.