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  1. Okay, I talked to the neighbors and they are okay with me using a spot that is more or less right next to TD. At least as close as I could get without building on TD's property. I think it will be a good open area to work with. I have already started building one small building to give clam to the location. I would like to make it a very nice little community area, so beautification is key in making it not an eye sore. Of course that will come in time and I am sure constantly worked on and improved. So please anyone and everyone come on over and add your little piece whether it be a nice rare forge or a pile of logs for people to use, or even a whole house full of beds for people to use. Lets start talking about how we would like to make this best for Cele. and start using it to advance, teach, and make Cele. a more connected community. For those that know where stuff is around Cele. it is located at L20 by the Clay Pit next to TD. For those that don't know there way around so well I have added a few pictures to hopefully give you a little bearing on how to get there.
  2. I did remember seeing that post about the Newcomers Mine and Smithing location. I have not visited it yet but I hear the bridge next to it is pretty massive. I'll start looking at the area around Tap Dance and see what I can find for a spot to start building. Location I suppose isn't to serious because it will not be a settlement just established area for everyone to use. At least for now, I definitely don't have the money to start a settlement at the moment. Send me a message in game also if you like. edit: I found a spot that i think will work out. I couldn't get a hold of the nearby neighbors but they also seem like they have been gone for a couple of months now. I will upload pictures and a description of the location later tonight.
  3. I am not new to the game but I am new to jumping into the community or Wurm more specifically Celebration. I wanted to know what you guys thought about starting a little free zone project. The purpose of the project would be to take care of new players that just started on the island as well as some that are not really new but still trying to get there skills to a higher level. The more I thought about it I thought it could also be a common area for people to get together and help each other out. I do not know of a location yet, but my idea is to build a little building somewhere that could turn into many. Point some signs in that direction and have some stuff set up for use. Also people with an excess of a particular item or don't want to use the 1QL items can dump them here to be practiced with. As stated above I am new to the community so I don't know a lot of Celebration to intimately and I don't know of a good location to start.