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  1. Pristine Community Map

    Please add Fluff n Stuff tunnel to the map. The ship lane is 3 tiles wide with a few ore Veins in the way (feel free to load you boat with ore) The cart path is only one tile wide in most parts but is usually passable. All mining permitted please don't mine the floor of the cart path. The east entrance is at 677,1466 the west entrance is 401 1466 There is a 3 tile wide canal from 400-393,1466-1468
  2. Pristine Community Map

    aqua de vida 400,1480 Please add
  3. Hey, umm. I heard you had rock shards you were looking to get rid of, and I'd like to ummm, help with that.

  4. Goblin Leader Pristine (Private Loot)

    ill be there. I may kidnap Aum shortly after.
  5. Sunday Bloody Sunday: Red Dragon

    Ill be there
  6. Blue Dragon Sunday kill

    I will be there
  7. Pristine Community Map (9/9/16)

    This is Y12 , X14 area. https://www.dropbox.com/s/t6ii3zxemdm1si1/CPN.jpg?dl=0
  8. Pristine double kill

    i will be here
  9. Goblin leader captured

    Ill be there
  10. cut off half the post. Chisel 80q 93woa 3s​ Cod them to me in game please