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  1. WTB smoke from sol

    Wtb smoke from sol. Post offers here or PM me here or ingame - same nickname
  2. Stuff with 100+ enchants at a flat rate.

    Ah damn, well - the 101coc then please
  3. Stuff with 100+ enchants at a flat rate.

    c102 pick to Vomusu please
  4. It crashes for me too
  5. Wts libram of the night, 1 charge left - 85s SOLD Spell granted: Karma Missile Resistance: Pierce 15% (Decreases pierce damage taken by 15%) Weakness: Bite 10% (Increases bite damage taken by 10%) Pm me or post offers here. Also willing to trade the charge + silver for smoke of sol
  6. People go invisible

    1.) Well i think they came by boat, entered the cave, left the boat on the water level and then popped out from the mine 2.) We were all next to each other (in a few tiles radius), when they entered local and when they popped out of the mine. So the people that could/couldnt see it were pretty much next to each other.
  7. People go invisible

    Half of us could see him, half couldnt. I've got a video from the fight but I guess it doesnt proof anything because I was one of the guys who could see him. Even if the solution is 'just relog' - yeah, we had a possibility to do that here so our guys just relogged and could see him again, but imagine that happening again in a fast-paced, balanced fight - suddenly one guy is immortal because nobody can see him, and he can hit us without any problems. Also - the 'you are too busy' bug, and combat bugging when somebody enters the mine - it's just bad...Yeah there are ways to get it working again but seriously that's what you want PVP to look like? People who have more knowledge about the bugs win. If somebody without much experience in wurm pvp got this bug, he could be useless for the entire fight and wouldn't even be able to run away because the stamina doesnt regen. Yay.
  8. WTS some potions, BoK & a Scuplting wand

    2 fletching potions to Vomusu please
  9. Valrei International. 060

    What about the 'Become a Magus' goal? All magic related goals are gonna be removed, or just the ones that are listed in the main post?