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  1. I experienced the same thing, I'm leveling a cave floor and my skillgain totally stopped. I'm not getting anything for the last 15minutes
  2. This game is flawed! Balance PVP.

    Nobody uses alts to cast anything, and yes - you can damage your opponent, shield bash him, get out of his line of sight, or get out of the range. The priest cant move while casting so you can just go around the corner and he won't do anything to you.
  3. This game is flawed! Balance PVP.

    I dont know, seems like you're not. It's not like all these things only work for one kingdom. You can do everything we do, and I just dont see it. I havent seen anybody 'drop in seconds from spells', I have never been hit by a spell by any of you other than one fireheart in the last battle and some firepillars. I just dont understand why you want everything removed instead of trying to counter it. Maybe at the beginning the spells were a little bit too strong but you got them nerfed. One thing I can agree on is that some of the spells have too much range, that should probably get changed, but blocking spells with a shield, seriously? Thats a huge -1 from me. [20:51:54] You entered through the portal to Wurm on day of Awakening, week 2 of the starfall of the Digging, 994. That's 3690 days, 22 hours and 1 minute ago. And yeah i guess im not playing this game long enough to understand it lol. You have a lot of ways to protect yourself. You were always forced to be a priest to pvp. Now actually the bonuses have ben reduced, have you ever been hit by a 25% damage bonus priest with an adamantine weapon? I guess not. The damage done by inferno is nothing compared to that since you can pretty much only get a good bit of damage one time, after that because of the spell resistance the spells do nothing. With the flat damage buff you could just maul your enemies to oblivion, and spam LoF on your way since it couldnt be interrupted pretty much by anything other than a shieldbash or damage, which is not sustainable.
  4. This game is flawed! Balance PVP.

    Wait what? Why dont you just buy the salve for 50c and apply it to your weapon? Why dont you cast the spells on us? Why don't you use jewelry? Why dont you tangleweave? Just because you don't use the new mechanics means they have to be removed? This thread is so stupid i cant stand it. You just cant adapt so you want everything removed.
  5. This game is flawed! Balance PVP.

    I got some spells casted on me in the recent fight. First of all you get a big message on your screen saying "X CASTS INFERNO ON YOU", then i used a special technique apparently not known to many. It's called 'backing off a few tiles'. Works like a charm, i recommend trying that instead of crying for changes. You dont need tangleweave. And you're really saying being a priest is a 'new' meta? Not so long ago 99% of chaos was Smea since it was so OP. Back then if you weren't a priest you were dragging your kingdom down. You had 25% bonus damage and all the spells you'd ever need.
  6. This game is flawed! Balance PVP.

    Whats so hard to understand here? You just right click and select hypothermia. You did some casts on us today, do you really think they're so OP? I didnt see anybody dropping in seconds.
  7. This game is flawed! Balance PVP.

    Do you have any examples? I'd really like to see that
  8. I understand there's a discussion about the PMK designs but lets not forget this is a merchant thread. There are more appropriate threads to post about that.
  9. I can understand why people might be upset by the sudden change of the design. I can partially take the blame for it since I manage this WTS thread. The thing is we werent really sure when the new designs are gonna be ingame, we only knew that its gonna happen and I was told it might take a lot of time, even months. I'm sorry for any inconvenience caused by that but due to us not knowing when it's gonna change we weren't able to inform the people properly. Also im dealing with a lot of stuff IRL now so I'm not that focused on Wurm these days, since I need to focus on finishing my university. The designs were changed because we didnt really like the old ones. The people that made the original template are long gone, and don't play anymore. We inherited this kingdom, and from the beginning we wanted to change the design, so we can make it feel like "our" kingdom. I understand that a lot of people who play this game liked the old design for the esthetics, but sadly we couldnt make it so the old design will stay ingame, it had to be swapped with the new one. I just hope we don't lose people's trust just by changing the design. I dont fully agree with all the posts made above, but it's too late now, what has been said, cannot be taken back.
  10. moved to auction pls close

    95ql studded sells for 19s+? Maybe in 2006, 94ql FULL rare just sold for 17.