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  1. Lost faith after sacrifice

    Yes, I though that might be the case. I was at -2 because of the BL sermons, now that I sacrificed the garlic I got an alignment change to -1. It worked fine before the update, I was working my way up without a problem. And I guess I lost my faith transfer too? [22:40:15] You do not currently have a free transfer of faith available.
  2. Lost faith after sacrifice

    No I just didnt want to post my faith level publicly since its not really necessary, the important thing is that it dropped to 0. I was a priest with over 50 faith
  3. Lost faith after sacrifice

    Hey, Just logged in after the new update, wanted to test out the new spells so I dropped a few chopped garlic into the altar and started sacrificing. After I finished my faith went down to 0. [21:35:28] You kneel at the altar in silent hope. [21:35:34] Smeagain no longer accepts you as a follower. [21:35:34] A strange sound is emitted from the altar of Smeagain as Smeagain gladly accepts your offerings. [21:35:34] Faith decreased by x5,2372 to 0,0000 I didnt use the faith switch, that was just my faith from before the update.
  4. Name and Shame: Oblivionnreaver

    Didnt he find and pen it alone? /roll 1 Bam, problem solved
  5. Bugged mine doors

    Well it seems like it's working properly now. Maybe that's because of the server reset? [14:50:21] The server has been up 2 days, 1 hour and 21 minutes. Im not really sure when they started working. The only thing that comes to my mind is that there could be a problem with the rock layer under the dirt, we didnt build this deed from 0 so I don't know what's the rock slope underneath, and we have no way to test it currently. Maybe the rock under the dirt is over 100, or 150 slope and that causes it to bug out? The doors seem to work on the other side of the deed, with identical dirtwall but the natural rock layer there is much lower. It's located on Chaos and we had GM Aion run some tests on it, maybe he could tell you something I dont know. [Edit] Hmm well I've just put a new minedoor on a spot that was 100% not working before, and now it's working. That's weird. We will see if we encounter that again.
  6. Bugged mine doors

    Hello, We tried making 90 slope mine doors, and there's something weird about them. Even if the permissions are set for everyone to enter, they won't open. We even got a GM here and they didnt even open for him. However, we got them to open when approached from the top: It's the same with 89, 85 and 80 slope - opens only from the top. We tried opening multiple tunnels in different places and the result was always the same. Seems like this problem occurs only in the area next to the dirtwall. They are placed right next to a 280slope dirtwall above.
  7. WTB smoke from sol

    Wtb smoke from sol. Post offers here or PM me here or ingame - same nickname
  8. Stuff with 100+ enchants at a flat rate.

    Ah damn, well - the 101coc then please
  9. Stuff with 100+ enchants at a flat rate.

    c102 pick to Vomusu please
  10. It crashes for me too
  11. Wts libram of the night, 1 charge left - 85s SOLD Spell granted: Karma Missile Resistance: Pierce 15% (Decreases pierce damage taken by 15%) Weakness: Bite 10% (Increases bite damage taken by 10%) Pm me or post offers here. Also willing to trade the charge + silver for smoke of sol