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  1. Valrei International. 060

    What about the 'Become a Magus' goal? All magic related goals are gonna be removed, or just the ones that are listed in the main post?
  2. PVP updates eta? Epic plans? 1 server?

    Devs pls
  3. WTS rare satchel

  4. WTS rare satchel

  5. Name and Shame: Consolidated

    Umm, 'sitting there and clicking every x seconds' is basically Wurm in a nutshell. Seriously you think spamming create for 2 hours is a lot? Did you ever make bricks or mortar for a bigger project?
  6. WTS Rares and misc

    Alrighty, send it my way
  7. WTS Rares and misc

    3s for the rare leather knife? CoD Vomusu
  8. [close please]

  9. WTS seryll, blood, potions

    These 3x 0.28kg lumps CoD to Vomusu please
  10. Lava spider recolor proposal

    +1, looks great!
  11. Bump, another 2 wagons delivered, get yours today!
  12. Close

    Ah, nvm
  13. [close please]