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  1. Around 300-400 people online in wurm at the peak, and thats including alts etc. 332 votes on the poll (no alts) 🤣😂🤣😂🤣 guess thats nothing 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
  2. If you think it takes a few hours to get *any* skill to 20 you just dont know what you're doing. Just because your idea of playing the game is exploring the server every day for 2 hours doesnt mean that's how everyone does it. Anyway IMO the 1 week free premium could really help to get people hooked, might be a good idea for the steam launch. I've seen a few games that give you some premium time just after finishing the tutorial, so you can see what you can expect from the game. People could check out the mark store, get their skills high enough to ride a horse or sail around for a bit, which might encourage them to prem up for real. Most of the WO players are gonna prem up anyway, so it would be mostly targeted for the new steam audience.
  3. You can create a new account on the wurm website, put in your e-mail and nickname, but dont click the activation link in the email. That way your name will be secured for 2 days, just do it every 2 days and you're good
  4. would be nice to see the rgb
  5. Are we gonna be able to change the font? The current one is pretty bad imo. Also the toolbelt looks REALLY outdated now, the toolbelt and the icons look really bad compared to the overall ui look. Might want to re-do all the icons or something, idk.
  6. https://gifyu.com/image/QKku new UI, preview client (25mb gif)
  7. You can put some rice in a pottery jar so you get 400g of water when you fill it
  8. Every additional link adds +5 difficulty to the cast iirc, channeling skill of linked priests doesn't matter [Edit] Oh, it's a WU forum, didn't notice but I guess it works the same
  9. So in order to fully utilise my action queue I would have to make 7 fishing nets, imp them all to high quality and get 7 CoC casts just to skill some fishing at a low level? This is like dredging all over again, and that was changed a while ago since dirt now gets loaded into the boat. If the net can hold a number of fish, why not just let people fish untill the net is full? Why isnt the error showing up when there's 4 fish in the net and im still fishing, but it shows up at the beginning of the action when there's just 1 inside? The net is not "too unwieldly" to finish the action, but then when you start the next one it suddenly is? Its not like it would be AFK skilling since you have to empty the net all the time anyway. I really dont see the logic here, its just a pain in the ass and i thought things like that would be "polished out" before the steam release. Please stop making things harder than they need to be, especially considering that fishing is a part of the journal so a lot of people are gonna have to skill it up.
  10. The current fishing system is REALLY annoying, as most people know, add to that this hopefully unintended mechanic that I encountered when trying to level up the fishing skill in order to get my journal done. After starting an action with 1 fish in the net i'm getting an error which cancells all the queued actions: [00:28:18] The net is too unwieldly for you to cast, please empty it first! You can fit up to 4? fish in the net, at least form what i've seen so why am i forced to restart my fishing queue all the time? Looks like the game checks if there's a fish in the net at the beginning of the fishing action, instead of allowing me to fill the net with 4 fish or whatever. Fix plz
  11. Hmm yeah i was standing in the middle of the tile, I'm gonna try standing on the corners [edit] Standing on the corners worked, never had a problem with that, guess i should check wiki more often. Thanks!