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  1. WTS Silver coins

    Great seller! Quick response, transaction went through without any problems, recommended.
  2. steam trains

    sooo primitive rutways with horse carriages = steam engines? cool
  3. A New Elevation

    How about some rewards at the end? Like challenge helmets for the biggest kingdom, a unique title or something like that. That would actually encourage people to play it to the end (untill the next big epic patch happens) instead of checking it out for a month and quitting
  4. Let me plant you a forest!

    Great price, fast service - just got 200 oaks planted near my deed, recommended to everyone who needs a forestry service!
  5. Hmm, alright then. Thanks for the response
  6. My "perform 500k actions" goal is not completed although I've performed a lot more actions than that. And thats not even a full number since the data under the 'Client statistics' tab shows 277d online and I've got almost 400.
  7. PVE Alliance Decor/Flair package

    Exactly. I wish it was different but the way the game is, you cant pvp without deeds. It's not fun, it's not rewarding, and raiding deeds is really boring. But that's how it is. Yeah there are smaller kingdoms with 2 deeds but they dont really fight. The real fight is WU vs TC. We have around 10 deeds, TC has probably 20+. AO is growing and they're gonna start popping deeds soon too probably. With the new hota randomly spawning around the map, map control is even more important than before, which means - more deeds. You cant succeed without it.
  8. OK i can respond to the other part too. Roofs and textures/tapestrys/paving are free. Wagons/banners are not. Do you really think a new player, checking out the game for the first time, after paying 10s for premium is interested in buying a 15s wagon? Or a 8s banner? You cant compare that. Banners and wagons are mostly bought by collectors, veteran players who are just looking for more ways to decorate their deed. We are selling our banners for 1.75s which is already a pretty high price for just a piece of furniture, but the cost is high because the cost of playing on pvp server is high. I didnt want to repeat myself, because i said it before. Wagons cost 15s+ because in order to actively participate in pvp and achieve something you need vast amounts of money, and thats pretty much the only reliable way for a kingdom to make money and it has been like that for a long time. We're not gonna sell the pvp loot because we're using it so the only thing left for us to generate income is selling the PMK gear or HOTA statues but the market is so saturated with hotas that it's hard to sell any for a reasonable price. If you remove the cross border selling, in order to keep our deeds, we would have to buy gold every month just to exist. Thats why we sell wagons. We get money for upkeep (not for personal gain) and people get a fancy wagon. I dont understand how is it greedy, if the game forces you to plant 10 deeds just to be on the same level as your enemy. You need deeds to hold land, you need deeds to defend and you need deeds to attack. Maybe my posts were a bit aggresive but I have nothing against you personally. I would surely be happy to shake your hand, as this is just a forum discussion. You found a way to get your graphics into the game and you did it without breaking any rules. My main point is that if you want to be on a PVP server, you should PVP. Thats why we're looking for a solution to that. The system thats in place now isnt perfect, and it's unchanged for such a long time that I really doubt that we're gonna see any changes but at least we sparked a discussion. The 1month cooldown would probably by the easiest solution. Im mostly irritated by people calling pvp players greedy, when I delivered 50+ wagons,banners and tents and got nothing from it. All the money went to the kingdom so we can play on the pvp server and have a fighting chance. In order to fix all this drama surrounding wagon sales, we would need some major changes.
  9. Ah yes, the greed. Sure, keep repeating yourself. Dont forget to mention it on page 5. I heard if you say something 1000 times it becomes true.
  10. So buying a wagon is considered 'content' now? Cool. I bet new players will be thrilled that they can pay 8euro for a banner. My point still stands, the fact that Gofs is selling his PMK gear is not helping the community, or new players in any way. Its just a quick way to make money because he found a market which is not totally saturated yet.
  11. How does adding more design to the game will bring more players? Do you think a player who never seen wurm will login for the first time, see your banner and instantly buy premium for a year? We need advertising, not colorful wagons
  12. Yup, thats exactly what we want - fighting 20bstr naked alts
  13. [Resolved] Distant trees not working

    Its pretty dark but you can see that it worked. Thanks very much. No idea why I had that one setting on Extension
  14. [Resolved] Distant trees not working

    I'll set the VBO support on Core and check it out when servers are up
  15. The distant trees rendering doesnt seem to be working for me. I have everything maxed out in the graphics options (maybe i missed something but im pretty sure i didnt), everything set on extreme, etc. Here are the screenshots before and after the update from my spot. Before: After Looks exactly the same My java is updated and im using the modern renderer. Client version 4.0.93