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  1. Yeah - is it still on, or is it over? Why are you bumping a finished auction
  2. Daaamn, another supreme? Good luck with the auction!
  3. Soo Wimble just caused a TC raid on us, and then gave the account to TC?
  4. Maybe the wood items should have a default texture when created (or maybe just a little bit of colour), but players should have an option to stain them with oil, so it reveals the real colour of the wood? It's kinda like that in real life, here are some planks before and after covering it with linseed oil.
  5. I dont wanna discard anybodys work but in my opinion the wood colours are a failure. It's not like that in real life, and thats why it looks really funny ingame. Cedar is just straight up orange, and oak is as brown as palisander, or wenge irl... In real life the different wood types not necessarily have different colors, but different textures. The olivewood is a good example, yeah the colour is a bit different, but the texture is where the real difference is. Same between pine and oak - they're all pretty yellowish, pale woods but the texture is really different. In my opinion it worked way better a few years ago, when there was a texture difference. Now it just looks like somebody came at night and painted all my stuff. [edit] I just want to clarify that I mainly meant that about carts and wagons. The furniture seems to blend in much nicer, but wagons look especially weird. Also there are the painting issues but a lot of people already posted about it.
  6. no i nie podlewa nikt, kurcze pieczone

  7. rare awl and willow shortbow CoD to Vomusu please
  8. chryzantemy zlociste, stoja w butli po czystej - na fortepianie

  9. best chances!

    Well the 1st one was pretty low ql, was expecting that. Thanks very much! Will receive it as soon as I get back to my deed
  10. best chances!

    [20:15:23] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Sent to Inspira. Try the lower ql one first please, and send back to Vomusu after.
  11. best chances!

    Heya, do you still provide the rune attachment service?