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  1. With the amount of artifacts available it would be really easy to locate a person carrying a certain artifact (for example scale of lib, which you're 100% gonna take when you're going out to pvp), so it would pretty much allow you to locate somebody on the other side of the map whenever you want, which doesnt really line up with the "recent" Locate Soul changes. Also it would be way too easy to find artifacts, isn't it supposed to be hard? Anyway thats a -1 from me.
  2. I dont have any problems with my graphics - not overheating, no other crashes/freezes or anything in Wurm or any other game. PC is cleaned regularly, so no problems there either. I havent played wurm for a few months so I cant really say if it happened before the patch. It wasnt happening a few months ago when I was still playing. And yeah, I was hunting with auto-fight enabled for a few hours, no problems there. As soon as I disable it (in a spar/duel or in combat with any creature) the game freezes. I'll try reinstalling wurm if it might be corrupted data. [EDIT] Hmm, looks like a fresh wurm install fixed the problem. I tried redownloading the game files before, but seems like a full reinstall did the trick. Thanks for the responses
  3. Wurm freezes for like 10 seconds for me whenever i enter combat. If i have autofight enabled, it doesnt happen but If i have it disabled, every time the combat window (the one with stances etc) pops up, i get a 10sec freeze. Any idea what might be causing it? Tried reinstalling java, switched the settings around for like an hour, nothing seems to fix that. Console log:
  4. I've got the same problem, i found that just closing the launcher when it's "updating" and opening it again fixes that. Can login normally
  5. " if you have thoughts, feelings, concerns, voices telling you things about it feel free to post those" "hmm actually"
  6. Why are you so fixated on that thing i said about likes? Like it or not but that is a good indicator if your idea is liked by the community or not. Good suggestions get lots of likes, thats just how it is. Anyway, your thread has over 400 views yet nobody agrees with you. Im not saying your suggestion is bad because it didnt get any likes. I pretty much didnt even mention your suggestion other than one sentence, the thing that i was quoting was your stance on rmt players and the fact that you pretty much said 'pvpers shouldnt get what they want because they already have chaos and epic'. Theres countless threads with people wanting a fresh pvp server with a new set of rules but you dismiss that because 'in your opinion' this idea would be better. This in my opinion (and a lot of people that i talked with) is not the problem with pvp, and none of my friends that i showed this thread to felt like its a good idea. If you're really interested in what the community thinks about pvp and its problems, just read the forums - a lot was said and suggested about that. So if you relly want your suggestion to be taken seriously, let people say what they think and stop with the personal attacks just because somebody has a different opinion than you do.
  7. Dude, game is almost 15 years old - doesnt matter if you bought an account or grinded it, its full of high end accounts anyway and not enough new players to balance things out. Cool, if you want - feel free to download WU and do it. I'm not just speaking for myself but sure keep throwing assumptions around. Just because you don't see 50 posts disagreeing with you doesnt mean that everybody agrees. Your "ideas" have umm 0 likes, so i guess that speaks for itself. Sure thing buddy Idk why i even bothered to post here lol, i'm not even gonna try to wrap my head around all the other wild ideas, I said what I wanted to say in my previous post. Keep living in your imaginary world.
  8. Not sure what's the goal of throwing assumptions around. Most players that I know grinded their characters from scratch, and a lot of them are old players who play pretty much since wurm launched. Yeah, there's a few people that bought accounts, so what? They put in the same amount of work as everyone else. Just because you bought an account you're not allowed to have fun? Seriously dude wtf. "Who needs them"? We need them. We need players to pvp - without player's pvp is dead, just like chaos right now. Not everyone has time to grind a character, especially in a game that forces you to grind for months to be strong enough to be able to fight. Its not like wurm is a game with 300k players, and it never will be. Current pvp servers are full of high end accounts and mechanics that force you to grind for months and spend a lot of money to be able to compete. The new server will provide a level playing field for everyone, including new players that want to check it out for the first time. Besides, nobody is asking for 'the same thing' - there's a lot of threads asking about meditation/sotg rework, removing/changing tomes, changing deed mechanics and more. Also, starting with a fresh account is just fun. Nobody wants to "create their own server" with 50 digging characters, not to mention that this map would look like ######.
  9. I dont see any contradiction there, pretty straight forward. Can share it, just not with multiple people. Only thing that needs clarification is what is considered "multiple people", i guess more than 1, just like Ecrir said.
  10. Lately i made a lot of squares with a rare 90ql spindle (not imbued), rare 90ql loom and using 99ql cotton, ended up with some ~60ql squares and a lot of ~20ql. So yeah i agree making squares isnt really that easy, especially that it takes 3 stages to create them, so it takes a lot of time. Ropemaking seems way easier to achieve high quality saccables than cloth tailoring.