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  1. I'm looking to get my account back to premium status. I have 10 silver available, so I can get my stats up to snuff, but I want to make sure I can secure the funds for my next month and/or to get my priest going again. I've listed my stats primarily for deed work, but I have several other skills developed if you would like to inquire. If you have a need for a ship I can also make those with a second account at ~50ql, and I have a moderately good Vynora priest. Note: I can only premium one account at the moment, so you'll need to pick between Priest, Carpenter or General Worker unless you want to pay a bit up front.. I have a few ships to use, so location is not an issue. I may request some travel expenses if you're located somewhere especially remote, like in the center of Xanadu. Can negotiate based on the work.
  2. Hey, I found your sailboat...You can PM me via game vie Mykoal or you can just message me here on the forums...

  3. Feel worth updating this for future questioners. Sold for 70c at auction.
  4. No work at the moment I'm afraid. Taking a short break, so may not be any for awhile
  5. Ahh, thanks for that. Was planning to do so anyway thankfully, but important to know.
  6. Ah, thanks for that. Meant to add a description but completely slipped my mind in the end :/
  7. I have for sale 1 Valre Item, a Fire Harp. Slightly damaged as decay is fast, even at high quality (about 3dam per day) Valre Item: These items have a randomly generated name and are butchered from creatures spawned on the PvP servers by one of the gods as part of a scenario or found randomly in the wilderness for missions. Sacrificing a Valrei item adds .25 to your villages enchanting bonus and 2 seconds rarity window bonus. They decay fast and can be lit like a candle. They retain their name in personal merchants. http://www.wurmpedia...php/Valrei_item Starting bid: 30c Min. Increment: 5c Buyout: PM me with an offer Located in Xanadu S15. Buyer pays mail cost or 10c delivery if in Lomere region. Time Remaining:
  8. I've got a 95ql Valrei Item (Fire Harp) I'm wondering if I should sell. Currently has 6.47 dam on it. Can't find any record how how much these sell for.
  9. Selling 2 sailboats and 1 rowboat on Independence. Gaining ship building experience before sailing out to Xanadu, so hoping to sell them fast. All boats are in the 10-15ql range currently May raise as I get the wood required to imp them. Will come with mooring anchors and boat locks. Sailboats are 80c each, rowboat is 40c. May build another of either (or bigger) if requested at slightly higher prices. Pick up only. Contact me in the forums here, or PM Alexliltoe or Johnyliltoe Sold all boats. Still taking orders while I'm on Indy for boats at negotiably low prices for skill. Will likely take the first order for anything up to a Corbita.
  10. Currently trying to put together enough coin to get premium for an alt I have on indi. Was actually my first account before Xanadu opened. Willing to do pretty much anything for fair wages. Want to be able to sail out on one of the sailboats I've made here (also for sale if interested, can always make another) Notable stats: 20 carp - 16 Fine Carp - 13 Ship Building 12 woodcutting 5 digging 9 mining I know how to level for terraforming jobs. Able to provide my own, low ql tools. Willing to travel anywhere. Currently located at the Black Forest ship bridge. If interested would take on large jobs for cheaper than standard if offered enough for premium up front. Message me on the forums, post here, or PM my accounts Johnyliltoe (alt in indi) or Alexliltoe (main)
  11. I'd much appreciate it! I have an alt on indy that can drop off and pick up by the name of Johnyliltoe (main account Alexliltoe). Actually my original character that I've been meaning to bring home in a little while. If we can connect on that, the shire isn't far from where I am (The Black Forest)
  12. Would be mighty grateful for one of those awesome looking towers! COD to Alexliltoe and I'd be quite grateful.
  13. Rare Forge - 12s (requires transportation arrangements until I can get my strength up. Willing to sell, but currently not eager. May sell for less in a few months.) 3 diamonds - 25ql, 26ql and 27ql. Selling at 40c each, first come first served.
  14. Note that, due to vacations, tools are a bit more difficult to obtain at the moment and there may be some delays in orders. Also now selling sprouts @ 1c per 2 sprouts, or 1c full service per successfully planted tree. All sprouts are BSBed, and usually averaged around 20ql, give or take. Rare Frying Pan also currently available. Selling @3s, and be mailed COD. SOLD