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  1. Armageddon (PvP)

    So uh, whats the server name I guess i found it... dull name
  2. Close

    I went first and got my key. Everything went smoothly. I'm from europe.
  3. I have trouble buying the game with paysafecard so i thought maybe i can trade someone something for it. Will be offering 30 silver (can do with mail) or 30kg of source liquid ( pick up only) for a STEAM KEY from dlgamer. Should be from someone in the EU for potential region restrictions, and have at least some reputation on this forum instead of a 1 post new account. If this is breaking any rules feel free to close it.
  4. Is there a way to buy this somehow with paysafecard, (steam won't let me use it in my region, and the DLgamer site does not support it either)
  5. Not really selling mine but how much would you pay for 6 fountains, they are not on deed but close by in locked houses.
  6. Rake 3ql coc79 0,5s Grooming brush oak 11ql coc77 0,5s COD WarRager
  7. [11:18:34] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than an hour. Rare bricks gone, i have offer for 50c for every supreme.
  8. Bump, took a break when i posted this and sold nothing. So i'm selling everything again. Also rare horse shoe 80ql is up for sale an a rare short bow (willow 20ql).
  9. Can we buy the game here somehow when it comes out or it strictly trough steam?
  10. Gimme some offers. Offers for everything > Single thing offers. Pick up at Xanadu Lormere (Can travel to shore) and around Hammer Lake
  11. Still looking for a few, willing to pay a bit over going price.
  12. WarRager as fighter. And for the twitter thing, does my name show up if i just fight it, don't have to do anything else?
  13. 10second of extra rarity timer, from enchanting (sacrificing), id guess.
  14. close

    325 seems too little for that...
  15. When i went to linton it was a desolate-sad-land would like to see some improvements done to it when i visit it next time.
  16. Pickaxe, Steel - 4.01ql - 93 Circle of Cunning - 1.30s - Cod WarRager
  17. PM or leave a message in thread.
  18. 6s for the small anvil if no one takes as soon as i post
  19. 6s For the 'better' rare anvil if no one wants to buy it.
  20. ^Title. Shoot a pm or leave a price here with details.