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  1. Even though it's a hugely modded, fast skill and timer it would still very much wreck the economy by doing so x.x I'll wait lol I'll let the people I'm working with know but thank you : )
  2. Hello again I was wondering if there was a way to allow currency merchants to accept specific types of rarities? We were hoping to trade so many rare bones for a supreme, so many supremes for a fantastic. Is that possible?
  3. Back again OTL I'm trying to add items to the custom trader (not currency trader) and I'm now getting this message Any suggestions? I've tried backing out of the window and trying everything all over again and it just keeps giving me this message. I successfully get all the way to this window Clicking "Finish" prompts the error.
  4. Now *that is* interesting. This is what I see for those They're two different "Place Npc"s
  5. Hello : ) I'm trying to place a currency custom merchant/trader and I feel a little lost? I know I've done so before but I cannot see any option for it. I thought I remembered "Currency Trader" or something similar being underneath "Custom Trader" but I'm thinking I'm misremembering? If I choose Custom Trader there is no visible place to change a currency that I'm finding.
  6. +1 gonna need some flower crowns for them too please (and ourselves!)
  7. My friend and I were wandering around on deed, teasing each other so I targeted them in fun. I did not send a spar/duel invite or anything. They proceeded to cast fire pillar in kind. I began to take damage. GM Belisama came to run tests with us. We concluded that the person casting firepillar must in fact be targeted for this to be replicated. Walking over the lava tile without targeting them does not result in any damage. Notes: We were both on deed We were both in a building We both had permissions on deed and in the building We were both on each other's friend's list. We were on foot The damage ticks were very small but added up
  8. Those who have messaged me, asking for my story, I've responded to. If I wanted to be rude I'd leave the story here wide open in public : ) which is within my power but I'd rather just leave a summary just in case anyone is willing to look pass that. No one is saying you can't do anything at all- but as someone that has a deed that you're having people join left and right in- it's *very* inconsiderate to not leave a disclaimer. Personally I wouldn't want my name/conversations popping up on stream, I don't really care if no one knows me from the stream. It'd make me *very* uncomfortable without my consent. "Nothing happens to their stuff if they don't log in" If Zuel has personally told you this, please PM me if this is a concern. You deserve to know what you're about to get yourself into. I don't wanna write a book for you with all these answers- so I'll just say "I don't like to be spammed, personally. I'm not sure if things have changed since then but it was absolutely spam before." As to "Why is someone from Xanadu all of a sudden an expert on Zuelatek's Hamlet?" Just because I play on SFI doesn't mean I don't play on NFI as well : ) I think you can work it out from there. I'd also like to include that none of this is slander. It's personal experience - meaning I was there, this happened to me. As for proof sure- players can pm me. I have a log full of it. But I've said all I'm going to say to Zuel, that also goes for people who just wanna pm me to fight. Only pm me if you'd like to know what's going on and/or proof. Everything I've said still stands true, no matter what Zuel has said.
  9. I was told this mod replaced the new horse colours (along with not showing the bridles) Does it replace any horse colours and does any equipment at all show up on the modded horses?
  10. I've been trying to breed my horse for two days now. Breeding will not initiate- it only says "This horse is not in the mood" I am 50 AH. I have taken into consideration the following Animals will not breed if - already pregnant - have bred too recently - are hungry The two I'm trying to breed are neither the first two. Upon inspecting the horse- the window says "Not Hungry". I have trusted that this is accurate and have waited to the next day. After two days of these shenanigans I have fed the problem horse a piece of grass. They consumed 8 whole pieces of grass before stopping. I was able to breed the horses directly after. Either this function is supposed to only tell you when the horse is starving or I'm assuming it's not working properly? If it's only for starving I feel it heavily needs better clarification.
  11. Gonna just drop this here since I didn't receive a response in GL. I'd strongly advise that you include a disclaimer in your post of the following A. How strongly you advertise for your twitch channel (the twitch channel URL is even the name of one of the buildings) B. How players may be included in your stream C. How you stream far more often than actually have anything to do with your community (aside from answering questions in your discord) D. How players items (including cart inventory) are confiscated and/or redistributed after they haven't logged on in so long If you are curious but hesitant about joining this place and would like to pm me for more information- my inbox is open. I have both good and bad to say about it.
  12. I'm just gonna ask what everyone else has been asking in GL and Freedom. Why wasn't this released on the test server first? This is a dumpster fire. Highways were tested on the test server as it was a major update. This is a major update. What made anyone think after all these years of major updates having major issues that this wouldn't be the same?