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  1. Still no answer from Mojo about the auction.
  2. This is what auctions are for btw, to see who pays for it , and not to see whos paying more privatly.
  3. i won the auction as far as i see it. so , are you going to answer the pm i sent you? @Kasumiits really nice of you to bid privatly so i cant outbid you, whatever youre paying, ill pay 1 more silver then you.
  4. Did Pristine just crashed?

    yup , server back up
  5. Pristine Community Map (9/9/16)

    Please add my deed to the map, Darkness Pond ,located in Y13/X5-X6 coordinates, right where the x5-x6 border touches the little lake,in the middle of that laky part,thank you
  6. We're Dirt People Now!

    Bought 5k corn, really fast and nice delivery,thanks guys
  7. Skyfall Enchantsments Market [SEM]

    Thank you for the Spindle Nice service with nice prices
  8. The Hidden Island: Closed.

    Please COD to Kratk: Shovel, Iron 90.06ql Wind of Ages - 92 1.80s Trowel, Iron 80.05ql Circle of Cunning - 75 0.62s Carving Knife, Iron 80.00ql Wind of Ages - 79 0.95s Sickle, Iron 81.08ql Circle of Cunning - 72 0.57s Stone Chisel, Iron 90.00ql Wind of Ages - 96 2.00s Saw, Iron 80.13ql Wind of Ages - 78 0.68s Hatchet, Iron 90.01ql Wind of Ages - 102 4.55s Thanks in advance
  9. Hippie Villa welcoming new citizens.

    You're the one who acts agressive and insultuous towards everyone who has the minimum against you. I won't ever trust you again Wempy, you're the wrong one if you didn't notice you were the one thinking only you matter Glad to have you off,since you were kind of problematic . Gluck trying to make me look like a bad guy. Sincerely Kratk.o/
  10. pickaxe, 80 ql, 80 woa, 81 coc, 2 s spindle, pinewood, 49 ql, 81 coc, 90 c CoD to Kratk please,Thanks
  11. Hippie Villa welcoming new citizens.

    Were Libertarians.Were people.We're wurmians. Live here,follow the peace paths,be social, do your things as u'd like them done,work on your personal space,work on the deed,go exploring, just play and get fun, no need to be under a strict array of rules.And the most important,be social.